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Thursday, 18 December 2014

How I Wrap my Christmas Presents | Blogmas Day 18

So I know this post is late, and tomorrows might be too, and I’m sorry about this but school has been very busy over these last days of term. Hopefully this last week of posts will be better timed but better late than never I guess. Today I wanted to do a post on how I wrap my Christmas presents. I’m a bit of a wrap-a-holic and one of my favourite things to do is wrapping presents.  My friends always say they love my wrapping so I thought I would show you how I am wrapping my Christmas presents this year.

So this year my theme was red, silver and gold. Last year I had a red, green and brown paper theme, so this year I wanted to try something new. My paper was from Next and came as a 4 paper roll pack. It was a little pricey at £5, but for that I got a selection of 4 papers and golden tags.
So in the example I used the gold and white star paper. I am guilty of overcutting paper, but once you have, make sure you make neat folds and tight corners.

When you have the basic present wrapped, you can decorate with any bits or bobs you have on hand. I bought this red ribbon and a 4 gift ribbon set from Clintons and I also accessorised with my own handmade glitter letters and twine. Twine is a really good cheap alternative to ribbon, and you can get it at most supermarkets and home stores. I think it adds a really shabby sheek, homemade feel as well.

The glitter letters were also so easy to make. Just cover a white piece of thick paper/ card with PVA glue and sprinkle on a glitter colour of your choice. Then shake off the excess. I then choose the letters I wanted, and the font I wanted, and printed them off my computer. When printed, I stuck the sheet onto the back of the glittered card BACKWARDS- so that the letters come out the right way in the end. Once cut out, just add to a present to personalise it and make it look a lot cuter.

So, that’s how I wrap me presents but how do you wrap yours? I hope you’ve all had a lovely day, 

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