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About Me

Hey everyone. I’m Lydia, I’m 16 years old and am from England.

 I’m the writer of mydaisychaincloset and love it so much. For me, blogging is my much loved hobby and the destination of a lot of my positivity and creativity. I love writing, reading, shopping, family time, Youtube, days with my best friend, mini eggs, Disney films and a dance to myself in front of the mirror. It’s fair to say I spend too many hours browsing in Boots, watching Youtube videos and have a bit of a chocolate digestive addiction.

I hope you enjoy clicking around my blog and maybe even sharing some feedback with me. If you are one of my more regular readers then thank you- it means a lot to me that you keep coming back from more, and if your new then I hope you have a good time searching around my little space on the internet.

This site is my little haven on the internet and here I write away about anything that I feel I want to say. I know many people may stumble across my blog, roll their eyes and click close the website tab but to me, this blog is one of my greatest decisions and proudest achievements.

I upload posts every Tuesday and Friday at 10am GMT, and I even make the occasional Sunday appearance if you’re lucky. My posts are all about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, books… in fact, if you want to know, just check out the ‘My Favourite Posts’ tag?

For now that’s all, much love,

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