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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Two Autumn Winter Hairstyles | Blogmas Day 7

Lately I have been trying new things with my hair for autumn/winter. Today I am going to show you two simple looks which I have been loving for this season. I hope you enjoy it!

The first look is a simple top-bun look. I love this look because it can be worn by any hair type- straight/curly etc and it is also achievable with 1 day- 3 day hair. I think it adds a messy-cute look and adds a little something when you are wearing your hair down. To achieve this look-

1.       Normally I will start the look with my naturally curly hair but if my hair is looking a little flat then I will plait my hair the night before. If I want to add some extra curls, I use some of my Aussie Curl Definition serum.
2.       Take the top section of hair, like you would with a top knot, and take some hair from the crown. With this hair, I begin to turn it into a pony tail but leave some hair in to make a bun. Then I pull it and mess it up, pinning any flyaway if needed.

The second look is a look which uses a plait. It’s got to be said, I’m not the best at doing plaits, but I always try because I think they look so beautiful! This look was like a plait halo look which again is a half up half down style. To create this style-

1.       First prepare the down part of your hair. I left mine curly.
2.       Next I take 1 part from each side of my head to plait. I decided to do a Dutch braid, because it’s my favourite, but the plait is up to you. A Dutch plait is like a normal French plait but backwards, moving the hair to the back. Plait the two pieces of hair.
3.       Take a hair band, or bobby pins depending on your hair’s thickness and weight, and combine the two plaits.
4.       Take an accessory, such as a bow like I used, and pin it over the place where the two plaits meet. This will make the plait halo seem seamless and a bow can add a festive touch too.

And that’s it, two easy 10 minute styles that are great for casual, school and party wear. I love wearing them at this time of year and I’d love to know your favourite hairstyles at the moment too. I hope you all have an amazing day,

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