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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Positivty Post #4

So I was reviewing some of my posts over the last few months and I realised that I haven’t written a ‘Positivity Post’ in a long while. I like these posts quite a lot because I feel like I can talk about my favourite quotes and also be open with you. Today, I am focusing on this quote below.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Current Wishlist // Spring + Summer 2015

So today I am doing a post that I’ve never done before and I’m quite excited to try something new! I love reading other people’s wishlist-type posts and I thought it would be fun to make one of my own. Everyone has those items that they lust after but they’re either a little too out of our price zones or seem un-justifiable!  However, it is also important to treat ourselves once in a while and if you save up, it is so satisfying to tick of your most-wanted items! Today I have composed seven items which include fashion, makeup, accessories and books!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Book Review: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee


It’s time for my monthly book reviews and today I am reviewing the book I read in January! It’s been a little bit different this month because I was actually reading this book in and out of school, which is why it’s taken a little longer to finish. So today I want to talk to you about the classic novel by Harper Lee- To Kill A Mockingbird.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Makeup Starter Kit

Can I just start by saying that I’m sorry I missed the upload of Wednesday but I’ve had a lot of school work at the moment to keep up with. I have also put quite a bit of work and thought into today’s post, so please enjoy!

This Sunday’s post is going to be a post I’ve been planning to do for a few weeks, and one that hope you’ll enjoy. Today’s post is my Makeup Starter Kit recommendations. This post is going to be my top few products which would be perfect for anyone who wants to get into makeup, or just try something new. I wanted to create this collection of products so that beginners can find cheap, affordable items easily, so everything I am talking about is under £10 and available at the drugstore (apart from one).

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Liebster Award 2015

So I’ve been nominated for the liebster award and yes, I know I’ve already done one of these, but I think that they are so good for finding new blogs and are also fun Q&As. I hope you enjoy my answers, and remember to check the other blogs I’ll link down below.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The 'Big Eyes' Makeup Trio | Product Review and Tutorial

So today I wanted to share with you my current makeup love. My basic everyday makeup routine really doesn’t change much but recently I’ve been trying something new. I love winged liner but recently I’ve found myself becoming bored of the style and instead opting for this big eyes look.
To create this ‘big eyes’ makeup, I’ve been using three amazing products.

First I use my Supercat eyeliner from Soap&Glory. I don’t think I can rave about this product enough, but all I can say is that if you like a bit of eyeliner then it’s one to try. Personally the easiest technique for me is to apply eyeliner with a thin felt tip pen, and this eyeliner is the best I’ve tried. It’s got a fine tip, so is easy to create the shape and thickness of your liner, and is also precise. I use it to create a simple line. If it is a school day then I’ll draw it close to the lash line and very thing, if it is a weekend then I like a thicker line. I keep the line rounded and do NOT do a flick.

The next item I use it my MUA eyeliner in the shade Snow White, the key product to this look. Adding a white/ light eyeliner to the waterline opens your eyes up, making you look awake and big-eyed. The best bit about this product is I picked it up in Superdrug for an amazing £1! The quality is just what I need to do the job; the pencil is soft and it comes with a sharpener in the lid. I don’t go over the top at this stage, or you end up looking a bit ghostly, but lightly line my eyes and then blink a few times. I am also keen to try out a nude eyeliner but can't find a cheap one anywhere- so if anyone knows where I can get one please let me know!!

The last item I use in the trio of products is the new mascara I’ve been testing out and adoring! I have so many great mascaras but I always find they are too heavy/ thick for everyday use, they don’t stay long enough or they just don’t give my lashes enough to make them stand out. However when I tried this one, I knew it was going to be one to stay! The No7 Extreme LengthMascara is one that I picked up because I’d already tried a mini version and it was drying out.

No7 is a brand which I think is a little under-estimated. I know that I often consider it to be more for older women, I know my mum loves the range, so I often look past the counter. No7 is a Boots only brand and can be a little pricy at times, but the choice and quality of the products really are impressive. This is the first mascara in full size that I’ve tried from the brand and I know if I ever fall out of love with it then I’ll still come back to find a new one. With all their mascaras averaging at about £10 they aren’t the cheapest on offer but there if a good choice of different types targeting length, volume and thickness. The Extreme Length mascara works so well at making my lashes bold and thick, as well as long and volumised. My lashes hold a curl and it stays all day, so I rarely need to top up. It could be a day or night mascara and is easy to remove in the evening. I think we’ll be seeing this product a lot in the next few months on mydaisychaincloset!

I use the mascara on my top and bottom lashes, applying just one coat- but making sure all my lashes are well-covered.
And that’s all! Together this trio of products make my eyes appear bigger and I love the effect of it! I normally apply quite basic makeup around the eyes (normally some concealer, powder and lip balm on a day-to-day basis) so these products really make the look!

I hope you enjoyed this more talkative makeup tutorial/ review. If you have any eye makeup tips then I’d love to know- I’m also keen to try out new techniques and products! I hope you’ve all had a lovely day so far, 

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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Project Life Haul and Infomation!

So today I am going to be talking to you about my new scrapbook and about the things I've picked up over the last few weeks. I have always loved scrapbooking and making a physical book of memories, and this year, I’ve decided to do something different- Project Life.

This is a new type of scrapbooking, which is modern and easy; the whole focus is to make scrapbooking interesting and fun for all ages. Project Life is just one brand that creates this type of scrapbooking but for me they are the leading brand, especially in the UK, so when I refer to it, it is the type of scrapbooking I am talking about! Project Life scrapbooks are different because they have pre-laid-out plastic pages so you can just slide in your photos. The appeal of no fuss, no glue is definitely inviting and there is so much choice to make your scrapbook unique!

The scrapbooks that are required for Project Life are 12 by 12 3-ring ringbinders. These are literally huge but I like it because it means my photos are a decent size and I can keep bits and bobs from the year (like birthday cards and cinema tickets). This one I bought is from the American brand We R Memory Keepers and has is a beautiful design. I like that the scrapbook isn’t leather (because a lot of the ones on offer are) and is made in quite neutral colours. My scrapbook is mostly a plain brown/ craft colour with some white and mint stripes. There is also a cute camera print on the front with the phrase ‘Our Life In Photos’. I bought the scrapbook on Amazon and think it was about £17 at the time WITH delivery. It came from America, so took literally over two weeks to arrive but with free delivery I was okay with waiting. Since then it has gone up and down, the price always fluctuating- so it’s worth waiting until the price drops and then buying it!

The pre-laid page protectors are also a product you have to buy as well as the initial scrapbook. The scrapbook I bought actually came with a few plain (no layout) pages which was a great surprise! I also purchased the design A Project Life pages in the 12 pack. There are loads of layouts to choose from, and you could also buy variety packs and packs with 60 page in them. For me, this seemed the best deal- although I’ll need to buy more in a few months! I bought mine from a Hobbycraft store for £9.99.

Project Life, and brands that offer a similar package, also have extras you can buy for your scrapbook. For example the scrapbooking cards. Made to fill the photo slot sizes in the plastic pages, these cards come in hundreds of varieties based on seasons, colours, ages, personalities, morale and textures. I must admit, I spent weeks choosing the perfect pack for me because they don’t come cheap! For me, the cards are overpriced for what they are, and you could easily make your own, but it is the whole idea that lured me in! The actual brand Project Life sells core packs, mini kits and value kits of cards. I personally choose the mini kit because I knew it would last all year and was just the right amount of cards I wanted. A core pack is a huge £30 card kit, that has enough cards to last a lifetime if you ask me, and a value pack is a cheaper kit but the amount of cards means the price per card is quite high. There is also less choice with the value kits.

When I eventually choose that I wanted a mini kit, I did A LOT of research and this is something I can really advise! I spent hours- probably a little too much of my time- searching amazon, eBay and little companies online for the best deal. You can also buy the packs in Hobbycraft in the UK, but the price is more if you want to buy them in a store. I then did further research on peoples previous scrapbooks on Pinterest and card ‘flick through’ on Youtube. A ‘flick through’ is basically when someone goes through and shows ALL the cards in each pack. This is so helpful because you can see what you’re getting and there is a video online for nearly all the packs!

I finally came to the decision that I wanted the Dazzle Editionmini kit from Project Life. It was a little bit of a treat because it was about £15 on amazon, but I found that was okay because it came with delivery. I totally understand anyone who thinks that it was a bit of a waste of money but the kit was an investment for the rest of the year and if you want a cheaper package, individual sellers on eBay sell packs of half and quarter packs.

I love the Dazzle Edition kit because it comes with 4 by 6 and 3 by 4 cards in a variety of colours and designs. It includes some gold foil cards, quote cards and cards that have space for writing. I think the variety of colours and patterns means that it can be transitioned through the seasons and is appropriate for all the pages I will do in my 2015 scrapbook.
I also like to find images and quotes online and print them in the correct sizes onto photo paper/ card. These look really cute and are an alternative if you don’t want to buy and card packs.

As I am already a keen scrapbooker, I had some more ideas that I wanted to intertwine with my new Scrapbook. I know one of the main features is that it is no glue, but sometimes I like to create my own special cards and add to them. I already have a box of a few scrapbooking bits like stickers of numbers/ letters but I also picked up a new few bits.

I bought these type-writer style stickers from Hobbycraft and they are so useful. They are really tiny but I love using them for labels and captions on photos.  It is also amazing that there is a whole little book of these because I go through letter stickers soooo quickly. I can’t find them online, so I am not sure if they’ve been discontinued, but I’m sure there are similar options in most craft stores.

Another thing I picked up was washi tape. I love using decorative tape in general and thought these were so cute. The spotty one is from Hobbycraft and the de masque teal tape was from Homesence.

The last thing I bought was after a recommendation from Lily Pebbles, who is one of the main reasons I came across Project Life. I’ll link her video here and I would totally recommend you to check it out! She said that one tip she used was using Paperchase postcards (the photo of them is with the page protectors one above). The post cards fit perfectly in the 4 by 6 gaps and there are so many to pick from, and they change throughout the year. I picked up two when I popped in recently, a mint green one that simply says ‘hello’ and a white one with ‘carpe diem’ is a colourful font! I think they’re 50p each but I can’t really remember, sorry!

So there is my haul. It definitely a lot of money all at once but I used my Christmas money and I know I will love everything all year. Scrapbooking is one of my favourite things to do and is one of my favourite hobbies. I love holding onto memories and being able to see a year of my life all in one place will be amazing. If you like scrapbooking or have any questions, I’d love to know in the comments. Also if you’re doing Project Life this year, or have done it before, and have any tips/ tricks! I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and happy February everyone,

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