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Monday, 22 December 2014

My Blogging Tips and Tricks | Blogmas Day 22

So today I wanted to write a non-christmas related post because I know there may be readers that do not celebrate this time of year and because I don’t want to repeat similar posts. Today’s post is going to be about how I run mydaisychaincloset and my tips and tricks.

#1 Creating your Blog

My first tip is a tip for anyone creating a new blog, coming up with a theme, a name and the look of your blog. Your title will need to be something that you will blog by, you can’t change it so you can’t mess it up. Now, I’m not saying mine is perfect, but these are my thoughts. You have one chose with a title- include your name or not. It’s a personal choice and I, personally, decided that I did not want me name in it. Mydaisychaincloset was inspired by the initial theme of my blog (fashion) and my personal fashion choice (floral/ flower), together I mixed some ideas until my daisychain closet came together. Whatever you go for, make sure it is something you won’t get bored of, won’t date too much and isn’t too same-y or similar.
Another one of the most important parts of your blog will be the visual. It only takes a few seconds for a reader to like or dislike your blog or your blog post, and that few seconds needs to be impressive. Now I’m not saying that you need a professional to design your blog but you need to take care and take time. Think about fonts, think about backgrounds, think about titles; think about a colour scheme that can be applied to all these aspects.
Also, when you are comfortable with the look of your blog, make sure the layout of your blog is easy to use. Personally, I made a mock up blog to practice this with, which let me navigate and work on creating new pages etc., without risking a mistake with my actual blog. 

#2 Organising your Blog

Planning, scheduling and preparing my blog is a key feature in how I stay committed to blogging and creating good quality content. I have a blogging notebook and in it I brainstorm and plan monthly. I have a calendar, where I write in my posts and any other key dates, in it and this is where I organise the type of posts I will write. Planning ahead means that you can take photos ahead of the day and write the posts when you have plenty of time, not rushed. Sadly, this Blogmas my plan wasn’t very good and I have had a few days where my posts have been late and the content isn’t to my normal standard. Trying to come up with a post idea, with photography and subjects to include, on the day can be difficult and stressful. Planning changes this.
Also there is nothing wrong with scheduling posts, most professional bloggers do. Being ahead of the game gives you more time and freedom within posts, and allows you to put the posts up on a weekly schedule- time and day. This will boost your readers because they can rely on you to be regular.

#3 Photography on your Blog

One of the aspects of my blog I am most proud of is my photography on my blog. I am hugely lucky to have an amazing camera, a Nikon COOLPIX L320, which I received last Christmas. When I began my blog I didn’t have this but I have definitely noticed a difference in the quality between my old basic photo camera and this one. If you are really interested in blogging, and making your blog successful, then it may be something to put on your wishlist or to invest in.
When taking photos, think about focussing, light and interesting factors in your post. I have been inspired by these posts about blog photography:
Zoella’s post, A Beautiful Messand a post about blogging backgrounds 

For example, to create the photo in this post (shown above), I had to create an aesthetically pleasing layout and try many different angles etc. I had to think about adding interest, for me it was the fairy lights, and then create a photo that focused even with the confusing lighting of the lights and computer screen. For this one photo, I took 21 shots, which shows how you will need to experiment to create a professional final shot. Furthermore, I then had to edit it on Photoscape. Photoscape is a photo editing software that you can download for free online. It offers many options, including cropping, lighting and collageing/ combining images, and I would really recommend it. 

And those are all the tips and tricks I’m sharing. If you liked this type of post, then let me know and I might make it into a possible series about how I blog. I wish you all a very merry day, just three days to go now, 

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  1. You should so make this into a series! it was such a nice read! will take on board all of these tips :) congrats btw your blog is amazing and you are doing so well Lydia :D

    Jennos Health.

    1. Thanks Jenny! I hope you liked the tips and thanks but my blog is still learning lots too! Maybe an idea for 2015? xx