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Monday, 8 December 2014

Curl Definition Hair Mousse vrs Review | Blogmas Day 8


So as a girl with curly hair, I always find finding a hair product I love takes a lot of work. My hair can be dry, frizzy and fluffy- and I don’t like it being any of these things. I use mousse after I wash my hair because it keeps and defines my natural curl for longer and it is an important step in my hair routine.

The two hair mousses I’ve tried are cheap and affordable, so if you’re on a budget then these products are defiantly worth a looking in to. I bought these in either supermarkets or boots, and both are under £5.

The VO5 ‘Curl Defining Mousse’ is one that I’ve tried out for a while, and also one that I’ve loved. After washing, I scrunch some mousse up into my curls and it dries in. I always find that this product seems to hold my curls for ages- which is great. I find that the product smells good, and the bottle can last for a few weeks. Also at just £4.19, it’s an easy choice! Lately I have found myself depending on this so much because it guarantees that my curls won’t dry flat!

The other mousse is one that I trialled when it was on offer at Tesco. This was the Pantene 'Pro-V Mousse Defined Curls'I was impressed by the packaging, and larger bottle size, but soon I was unconvinced. I found that the hold and definition in my curls was worse than the V05 mousse, and soon the product just ran out. However, you can’t knock the price of this because it will only cost you £2.79. For me, there was just nothing that impressed me about this and it was really a disappointing product.

So overall, I recommend the VO5 mousse because of how long it lasts and the quality for money. As a curly haired girl, I am always looking for new recommendations so please let me know. Also, if you’re interested, I am holding a Christmas Q&A here so head on over and ask me some festive questions! Other than that, I hope you all have a seasonal day,

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