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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January Favourites

So the month of January is coming to an end and, as I haven’t done one in a while, I decided to do a monthly favourites. I’m considering making seasonal favourites instead of monthly posts because I don’t normally have a completely new set of things to talk about every month, please tell me what you think about this in the comments.

So January has been a pretty good start to 2015 I think. I haven’t done too many big exciting things, but I’ve had a lot of nice friend and family time. It has been a great month for new things and I’ve had a lot of products I received for Christmas that I’ve been testing out.

So the first product is one I mentioned in one of my posts this month. The Body Shop Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt is a lovely bath product. This bubble bath is scented with the beautiful sweet fragrance of honey, but it is also great at making bubbles in the bath. I feel like the product feels quite natural in the bath and also more grown up than a lot of other bubble baths.

My second favourite is the Tangle Teezer. I have crazy thick curly hair and I find brushing my hair not only a pain but a frizz-making process. I’d seen so much hype about the Tangle Teezer before but I just thought it was like a horse brush!! However it is NOT. I love this brush. It is slightly pricier than your average hairbrush but the tiny blades of the brush smooth and glide through wonderfully.

Thirdly is a product I have talked about a bit before. I love the Body Shop Lip butters and I got loads of new flavours for Christmas, which means I was introduced to the Shea butter one. It’s so moisturising and soft on the lips, and tastes great. I actually prefer this to my coconut one and I’m sure I’ll be loving it for a lot longer.

Next is another product I’ve already mentioned in blog posts this month which is my Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in the shade Replumzel. It’s a lovely glossy dark berry shade, but as it is sheer it works greats if you want a subtle look. For more details check out this post where I reviewed all of the shades I have!

Now my fifth product is one that I’m not sure I have spoken about much before. I went through a stage where I was obsessed with the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, but lately I’ve found it doesn’t match my skin colour too well and is a bit pink-y. Therefore, this month I’ve switched it up with the Wake Me Up concealer from Rimmel. It’s a well-loved product on blogs and Youtube and has been for a while, but for me I’ve only just started getting into it. It’s one of my lesser coverage concealers and I’m loving it for the season at the moment. I use it under my eyes and on spots/blemishes, so for me it works for all areas. However, it is quite dewy and shiny so it may not be everyone’s up of tea.

Another makeup item for number six of my favourites, and it is one that I’ve used most days of this month. The MUA white eyeliner is one that I used on the waterline of my eyes to open them up. I love this technique at the moment and I think I’ll do a more in-depth post on my current eye look in February.

My seventh favourite is my diary ad diary writing. I just find it so therapeutic to write down the day’s events, planning out my month and reviewing the last days. My diary is also my current obsession because it is simple but beautiful- with tabs and weekly+monthly pages! It's from Paperchase and is still available, if you were wondering!

My eighth favourite of January is my phone case. I have an iphone4 and because of the newer iphones, finding cute and good, long-lasting phone cases is so hard. I love having one phone case that last for ages, and my last one was from Urban Outfitters and lasted a year. However by December it was being held together with tape, so I was so pleased when I received this one from Joules as a Christmas present. It’s totally me, as I love ALL things floral, and the case is make of a really good quality plastic.

If you haven’t already read my post that was all about my Chelsea boots, then check it out here, because my Chelsea boots are another of my favourites. I have been wearing these non-stop and they are in every one of my winter outfits. I can dress them up or down, wear them for a walk or shopping, I just love them! Furthermore, because I have been wearing them so much they’ve become so comfortable and suited to the shape of my foot- so now they’re like wearing a pair of slippers.

And finally, my final favourite is a food favourite. For the last few months, my family and I have been eating a little better and I have been trying to eat more fruit and incorporate more foods that are good for my body. One of my absolute favourite meals is my weekday breakfast, where I eat natural yogurt, walnuts and these amazing apricots. I’ve never really been a huge fan of apricots before but these ones from the Waitrose organic range are unlike any others. They are dried apricots and have similar nutritional values as other apricots, but they are a dark colour and are so juicy. If you’re in the UK, CHECK THESE OUT- you never know you may become as obsessed as I am!

So that’s all of the products I have been loving so far in 2015! I think there is a good mixture of items this month but if you have any monthly recommendations or just something you’ve been loving, please let me know in the comments. I hope you’ve had a wonderful day,

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Outfit: Lovely in Lace

So today’s post is another instalment of ‘My Outfit’. This was actually the outfit I wore yesterday, but I loved it so much I wanted to show you. I wore this to a dressy/casual friend’s birthday meal and it was definitely something a little different for me.
This skirt was actually quite out of my comfort zone, and I’m so happy I decided to try something new. For me, my favourite thing to wear is a crop top matched with a skater skirt. This style of skirt holds the waist but is the flow-ey around the stomach. The skirt from Topshop is not like that, it is figure hugging and a straight style. I also think the lace skirt and lace cut-out on the top look fab together. I really like this look and I know that I’ll be wearing a lot when I go out for more dressy nights.
To see my post I did all about the shoes I'm wearing, just click here.

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this outfit! For more of mydaisychaincloset, just click my links below. There you can follow me on Bloglovin’, and get updates every time I post, Google+, where you can see my activities and blog posts,, where you can ask any questions to me that you like-you don’t even need an account and Pinterest, where I post new boards and style inspiration. I hope you all have a great day and I’ll see you on Wednesday for my January favourites,

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Book Review: The Night Circus

So if you’re a regular reader then you’ll be aware that on mydaisychaincloset I like to do a book review post every month. Reading is really important to me and I think it helps me improve at school as well as being a hobby I enjoy. I know many people may dislike reading, but it’s probably just because reading can be seen as a bit lame or because they themselves haven’t found a good book! I love reading and I would really push you, if you haven’t read in a while, to go buy a new book and enjoy some of the amazing authors that we have on offer.

Last year my New Year’s Resolutions included reading a book of month and I was doing so well but fell at the last hurdle, getting only 11/12. This was due to the book I have just finished, a book that is extremely long and challenging and took me about a month and a half to read. Now this is probably the longest I’ve spent reading a book but over Christmas I did find less time to read and the book is huge, however I’d still recommend it.

This post is going to be reviewing ‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern, a book that has a huge fan base and an amazing plot. Although I did find it a little confusing and the concept hard to grasp at times, this book has such a well-developed storyline that it’s worth a read.

Based around the notions of magic, romance and making the impossible possible, ‘The Night Circus’ is not your normal novel. I found it to be unlike many fantasy stories I’ve read before, and I found it was a lot more suited to teens and adults. The love story that goes along with it is sweet and you really get a feel of the characters emotions throughout. There are a lot of characters and separate storylines in this book, which I liked because I found I could connect more to some characters while still enjoying the plot of others.

Although I appreciate the story and the wealth of work that has gone into creating the tale, I can’t say this will be everyone’s cup of tea. My sister loved this book, like many others, but I’m not so sure that it’ll be a book I’ll want to read again.

I found it took more than a few chapters to really understand the plot and want to read on, as well as the fact that I found the authors style slightly dull. I think this may be the main reason it took so long for me to finish. Moreover there are over 500 pages!

I would give ‘The Night Circus’ 3.5/5 stars, and would recommend it if you like fantasy novels and fancy a challenge. If you’re not sure if you’re swayed to read it or not, why not check out some more reviews online?

I hoped you enjoyed this book review and I think we will be seeing another next month! If you have any thoughts on ‘The Night Circus’ or any other book recommendations please let me know in the comments. I hope you all have a great week, see you on Sunday,

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Life Update - Diaries, Sunsets and Straight hair?

So today I decided that I just wanted to do a simple and casual catch up post. I do enjoy writing lifestyle posts, and I hope you’ll enjoy this to.

So I really feel that, so far, 2015 has begun with a bang. Although school has brought me piles of homework, a maths mock and a parents evening already, I feel like everything is going well.
I haven’t completely ruined my new year’s resolutions, and I actually have a past record of doing well when it comes to them, and one that I have been really fond of is writing a diary. I think everyone has had that point in their lives when they’ve read through an old diary and laughed of their socks at their past loves and worries- as well as spelling mistakes, and I miss having something to capture my everyday thoughts. Now, I love to scrapbook, and I know this will capture so many of my memories but a diary is different. You can put feelings in it that no-one else needs to see and keep track of your life. I also love this diary because, after searching for one for weeks, it has MONTHLY PAGES. I schedule my blog posts and every month I like to write in what posts I’m doing and when. It sounds obvious, but having monthly pages gives me an overview of the months and lets me envisage clearly where blog posts will fit. I also like the fact that it’s pretty plain on the front, large (bigger than A5) and has monthly tabs so I can find where I need to go. If you’re wondering the pages inside are set out weekly, Monday-Sunday with a notes section.  It's from Paperchase so was a little pricy at £10, but its lovely quality and I know it will get a lot of use.

So I also feel I’ve been trying to do a few new things this year. I feel like I want to try more in 2015 and push myself to put myself out of my comfort zone, and I started off with one a little less crazy. Yesterday (Saturday), I had my hair cut and got my hair straightened for the first time in my life. My normal hair is a crazy wavy/ curly mop, and for the first time I wanted to see what it would be like if it wasn’t. I’m so glad I tried it, because although I might not be straightening it a lot, it’s good to know that I’ve got another option if I want it.

Lastly, before this post gets toooo long, I wanted to talk to you all about capturing the moments of everyday life. Last year I actually completed (ish) the photo a day project and while I am enjoying a break from having to remember every day, I am missing it. I think as busy humans we miss so much, and we also forget the everyday memories. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a big scrap-booker and I am currently compiling a Project Life project for this year. I’m still doing a lot of research at the moment, and trying to pick out components, but I am still getting ready for when it is all bought. Things like cinema tickets and photos of a dawn- I know it’s not a sunset but I keep saying that my accident- are perfect and even if you don’t scrapbook, they are lovely things to help you remember the year.

I really enjoyed this little update, and if you have any requests or recommendations for blog posts, just leave them below. Don’t forget I am also doing a Q&A so go over and ask me questions- you don’t need an account and you can ask anomalously. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, or whenever you read this, 

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Review: Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks

So today I thought I would talk to you all about one of my favourite discoveries of 2014 and a product I am seriously obsessed with- the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks from Soap&Glory. Although the name is somewhat unnecessary, these lip products are the best if you are looking for a new lip gloss that is easy to apply, comes in a range of colours and is NOT sticky!

I love lip glosses and I think on some people they just look amazing. However, when I attempted to try the look, I ended up with dry lips and hair stuck on my lip gloss. That was until I tried this.
The Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks were I product that I discovered via Youtube, they were raved about for a while and had lots of good reviews. The shade ‘Nudist’ was the one that most bloggers and Yotubers seemed to favourites, so it was the one I first bought and is probably still my favourite nude lip to where now. The Gloss Sticks come in a crayon form and are very moisturising on the lips. The nib of the crayon makes them simple to apply and the fact you can just roll it up means that the product lasts ages too.

I was so in love with my one Gloss Stick that I actually asked, and received, the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick Set. This was a tin with three full size products in it, the shades ‘Bashfull’, ‘Raplumsel’ and ‘Fushia-ristic’. I think this was such a great gift for a makeup lover, so I’ll definitely be looking out for similar ones next year!

‘Nudist’ is the perfect nude lip. With undertones of brown, the lip gloss adds a sheer your lips but better colour; this means that it is easy to wear and great for natural looks. I would also recommend it for school or beginners in make up!

‘Bashfull’ is a more pink toned shade but is still similar to ‘Nudist’. I think it’s great if you want something a little more on your lips, but don’t want to fuss with a bold colour to control.

‘Fushia-ristic’ is a shade that when you first look at it may appear terrifying. The neon orange bullet is definitely menacing but when it’s on the lips, the colour is a lovely peach. It’s slightly orange toned but still looks great natural eyeshadow and lots of mascara.

Lastly is ‘Raplumsel’, which is probably my second to ‘Nudist’. I love a berry lip, but sometimes I find I don’t want a dark in-your-face shade, so this sheer lip is a lot more practical. I find it adds some warmth to a makeup look and is a lovely colour especially for winter.

I really do love these products and would recommend them 100%. I hope you enjoyed this, as I personally like product reviews and find them so helpful. I hate it when I buy a new product and it turns out to be rubbish, that’s £6.99 down the drain! I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday,

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

How I style | Chelsea Boots

So I’m pretty excited for this post because I planned it a while ago and now I’m finally writing and posting it. One of my goals for mydaisychaincloset this year is to produce more fashion related posts, because I feel that is what I really created my blog for. Today I am going to be doing a fashion related post based on a pair of shoes I have been adoring all season- my Chelsea boots! For months I have been searching for the perfect pair for me, but I always doubted that I’d pull them off so never made the splurge. In December, my Nan actually treated me to a pair I found in New Look and I have been loving them ever since. So today I am going to be showing you how I style these boots and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

The Chelsea boots I have are these beautiful brown ones from New Look. I love brown boots and they are definitely my personal preference. I think brown boots are less severe than black ones, but these boots are available in tan, black or white. They are slightly pricy at £24.99 but I would say they are really worth it. The boots are slightly pointed at the toe, which has taken me a while to get used to, and have a tiny heel that lifts the shoe off the ground. One of the reasons I was drawn to this particular pair is the little tabs on the back, which are both aesthetically pleasing and useful when taking the shoes on and off.

I love to style my boots with my favourite pair of frilled socks, which have a really nice thick crochet frill that pocks out the top. These are the only frilled socks I’ve found like this, and they are also grey and spotty! I think this adds a soft feminine touch to the boots and perfect with a winters outfit.
I also love styling these boots with a skirt/ dress outfit. I think the shoes are great with these types of winter looks because they are fancier than many other styles of boots and I think they add a cherry on the top.

However, I do also wear them with jeans and trousers, and love the way you can tuck the bottom of your jeans in so that the tabs on the back show!
I also think these boots are a great alternative to other styled boots, like combat boots, because they are less casual. When I’m creating an outfit, sometimes I feel that I want to create a neater smarter look, so these shoes work perfectly. I know they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I certainly love them!

I hope you have enjoyed this type of post, I don’t know if you’ll find it interesting but I wanted to write something a little different. I adore these shoes and I can’t wait to style them through the rest of winter and into spring. If you have any tips on how you wear boots, then let me know because im always interested! I will also link my winter fashion board on Pinterest here because there are loads of ideas on styling boots over there. I hope you enjoyed this, I would love to know your thoughts and helpful comment. Have an amazing day,

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

My Bathtime Review // Honeymania from The Body Shop

So, after reviewing 2014 on my blog, I’ve decided that when I do reviews on bath and body products, such as my Body Shop and LUSH bathbomb posts, I will put them into a series called ‘My Bathtime Review’. In this series, I will be showing a range of items, from different brands and price brackets, and will be telling you my honest thoughts on them. I hope putting them in a series will make my reviews more clear and easy for you and the series will give you something to look forward to.

So today I will reviewing three products from The Body Shop’s Honeymania range. I recently received these as a Christmas gift and ever since I have loved them. Before I had mainly been addicted to the Coconut range and hadn’t tried any other scents, so when I tried this super fresh scent I was in love.

Honeymania is made from the sugary sweetness of honey and is such a lovely range; I would say the honey flavour would work in any season- especially spring and summer. I have been testing out the body butter, scrub and bubble bath melt. The products are really fragrant and when you use them they really do give you their scent.

I have tried the body scrubs from The Body Shop before and I have enjoyed them but general found them a little harsh. However, the Honeymania sugar scrub has a different texture altogether and softer then before. I use this when I’m having a bath and it helps to keep your skin soft.
The second product I’ve used is the bubble bath melt. I did not know that this product even existed because it is currently only available in the Honeymania range, and I’m so overjoyed that I found it. It works like a bubble bath and, if you add a little amount to your bath’s running water, it will make so many fragrant bubbles. I also think it makes your bath water scented and I would say works as an equivalent to a LUSH bathbomb.

The third product is the body butter. I’ve tried a few of these before and they simply are my favourite body lotion available. Soft and moistening, the body butter works to make your skin soft and smooth. Mostly I use it when I get out the bath on slightly damp skin, but you could use it in a variety of ways. I think The Body Shop Body Butters are The Body Shop’s most popular and well-loved item and there definitely is a reason for that!

So overall I would really recommend this range and it is now my favourite one that The Body Shop have to offer! I hope you enjoyed this view and that you are maybe inspired to try these products too. Remember to check out my link below and that you can ask me anything-related questions here for my Q&A. I hope you’ve had an amazing first week of 2015,

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Sunday, 4 January 2015

DIY 2015 Memory Jar

So after my little holiday off blogging over the Christmas break, I am finally excited to get into it again. I’ve had a good start to 2015, and I hope you have to, and that you haven’t broken all your new year’s resolutions quite yet! Today I wanted to do a DIY which I have actually made an annual tradition for myself. Today I am going to make a memory jar. I know this idea isn’t 100% original, as it is all over Pinterest, but every year I make a new memory/achievement jar and thought I’d show you!

A memory, or achievements, jar is a very simple but cute idea. Throughout the year you note down little things you’ve down, exciting days or things you’ve accomplished. Write down your comment and fold/ screw up the paper. Over the year, you let the note fill the jar- and no peaking is allowed. On the last day of the year, empty the jar into a bowl and pick out the notes at random. I did this for 2014 and it was so lovely to open the notes at the end of the year. You get to remember days you may have forgotten or little achievements that seem insignificant by December, and this is a really enjoyable thing to do.

To make the jar, you can use whatever you have. Here I will show you two possible options, and my jar from last year. You can make it simple or overcomplicate it; it can be made to whatever your tastes are.

Jar 1.                     The Words Jar

All you need for this jar is:
·         A clean empty jar
·         Pens- I used sharpies and I found darker colours are always better

1.       Make sure your jar is clean and is a blank canvas to work on. Just take off the label and wash up the jar.
2.       Take the pen, or pens, of your choice and begin to write different words all over your jar. Vary the words in shapes and sizes, and you could also change the colours. I wrote words like memory, happiness, friends, joy and achievements. You could also draw patterns if you wanted.
3.       I also wrote a big 2015 on the jar, but you could make a label to put on the front.
4.       I left the jar there but you could also add ribbons etc.

Jar 2.                     The Shabby Chic Jar

All you need for this jar is:
·         A clean empty jar
·         Scrapbook papers/ patterned card
·         Paper
·         Printed label (optional)
·         Ribbon/ twine/ lace
·         Glue/ tape 

1.       Make sure your jar is clean and is a blank canvas to work on. Just take off the label and wash up the jar.
2.       Choose any patterned card/ scrapbook paper and cute a strip that will fit around your jar. This card can have any thickness, but it must fit around the jar.
3.       Stick the ends of the card together, using either tape or glue.  
4.       Next I chose some lace, which is actually stick on lace, to go around the jar.
5.       Fourthly, I decided I wanted a printed label. All I did was write ‘memories 2015’ in a powerpoint -but any software would basically work, chose a font I liked and print it off. Then I stuck this onto a rectangle of card and stuck that onto the scrapbook paper.
6.       To finish off my jar, I took some twine (which I got at the local Homebase) and doubled it up. Then I made a bow around the lip of the jar to complete it.

My 2014 jar was similar to the shabby chic jar DIY accept I used black card, red ribbon, wrote my own label, used clear stars and a wooden frame (which is normally used for scrapbooking).

So that is all of the jars. I hope you liked this DIY and will give it ago because I would love to see your jars to (feel free to leave links down below). I have also made a board on my pinterest of some other memory jars for inspiration for you, so go have a look here. I hope the beginning of your year was good and that you all have a brilliant day,

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