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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Haul ~ School Supplies | Back to School 2014

So it’s time for another back to school post, I go back to school on Wednesday, so I thought I’d do a quick haul of all the supplies I’ve bought. I love stationary; new pens, pencils, rubbers- a new set can really put you in a good mind-set for school work. Therefore, I decided to show you what I have bought ready for year 10!

So these are my favourite writing pens. I only like to write in black, and prefer an inky- type pen. These pens are great, they are inky but dry quickly so you don’t need to worry about smudging. They are a little bit pricey but last for months, and the fine point nib means the pen is a multitask-er. I bought the pack from Tesco, but they are only available in store. They were about £6.00, for a pack of three.

Next are some more pens. So I consider myself a visual learner, and colourful notes really help me to learn and revise. I have never used these ‘Inkjet’ pens before, but have high hopes for them. The pack comes with pink, blue, green and purple; giving me lots of colour choices. I bought them from Tesco, and the pack was really reasonable for just £1.75. Link:

One of my subjects is art, and to write up my work I use biros. This is because they work better on painted surfaces. I also use them for pen drawing in art, as they are great for creating tone and contrast. This pack of about 10 pens, is from BIC and the pack is £1.50. Link:
The last pens I bought were a bit of an impulse buy. I bought this pack of pastel coloured sharpies but was unimpressed when I began to use them. The colours aren’t the same as on the packaging, the pens go through the paper and the ‘fine point’ is still as thick as a felt tip. I bought the pens from Asda, and they were just £2.00. Link:,default,pd.html?dual=0

I also got a pack of 4 pencils, which are just basic patterned HB pencils. These are great for art, textiles and sketching diagrams in maths and science. I bought these from a cheap UK store called Home Bargains.

So next is something so cute but useful. This pack is called the ‘ikit’ and includes a mini stapler, sharpener, whole punch and more. It was really affordable, and although I won’t take the whole kit to school, I will take a few! I bought the pack from the Range, website:

The next item I saw were these sticky note things. I thought they were great for highlighting things and bookmarking things to recap when revising. I don’t know if I’ll use these a lot or not, they were from Asda but I can’t find them online.

So these aren’t new but I wanted to include them because they are a school essential for me. The Stadler highlighters are the best ones I’ve used. The pack comes with a yellow, blue, pink and green, but when I saw the purple one- I had to buy it. The pens last months and the pack of 4 come to £2.50. Link:

So, as my pencil case from last year is still in good shape, I decided I would keep it. The blue floral pencil case is my main one, and has lasted really well. It holds a lot but isn’t bulky.
The red floral flat pencil case is also from Tesco. I bought this as a felt pens, coloured pencils case. I like to have these for my creative subjects but I like to keep them separate. I can’t find it online but it should still be available in stores!

So my last item in this haul is my new school bag! I am so excited to get a new bag, I’m a bit of a known addict and replace my school bag a lot. However I think this bag will last really well and I prefer it as it is simpler than my past school bags. The brown satchel is from Accessorise and was £32.00. It’s big enough for A4 and I really like it, but I’m only 99.5% sure. If I change my mind and send it back, I’ll let you know. Link:,acc_10.3/6891462200

And that’s it! Sorry the post was later than I normally upload but I was very busy this weekend! What are your school essentials, let me know in the comments,

Friday, 29 August 2014

The Foodie Tag

So a short time ago, I was tagged by Nia Elinor Mair to do ‘The Foodie’ tag. This tag is a little random for this blog, but I guess it is to do with lifestyle so I thought I’d do it! Here are the questions and my answers! Enjoy!

What is your favourite cuisine?
I would say that my favourite cuisine is Italian. Ever since I was little, I would always choose the Italian option on the menu. I adore pasta and love how they are all different. Bolognaise, carbonara, lasagne, pasta bake, tomato…etc. I am picky with pizza, but a good pizza is heaven! When I went to Italy in July, you can imagine I ate a lot of Italian cuisine and IT WAS INCREDIABLE. 

What is your favourite fast food restaurant?
I’m not a huge lover of fast food, but sometimes you have that craving and it can be so satisfying. It is probably the chicken from MacDonald’s for me.

What is your Nando's order?
I love Nando’s but I order something different every time. I not good with spice though, so I have either original or lemon & herb. I do love the wraps and burgers and… all of it!!

What pizza toppings are your favourite?
I have two topping choices. Either the classic Hawaiian ham and pineapple or just cheese and sweetcorn. I don’t like too many complicated toppings, and homemade pizzas are defiantly the best.

What is your Starbucks order?
Sadly there are no Starbucks in my town. The nearest store is in the mall, a bus ride away, which I have only been to twice. Both times, I have had the iced drinks and really enjoyed the ‘Mocha Coconut’. I am keen to try the similar ‘Mocha Cookie Crumble’ soon too.

Do you prefer eating out or home cooking?
For special occasions I do prefer eating out, I just think it feels more special and you know you are guaranteed to have a successful meal. I do love home cooking, but it goes wrong a lot and can sometimes not live up to expectations.

What are your favourite breakfast foods?
I love granola. Its normally a weekly treat for myself, but I adore the ‘Dorset’ chocolate granola. I just add milk and it tastes so good! A tip would also be to add it to vanilla ice cream for a dessert.

What is your favourite curry?
No doubt, it is a chicken tikka. As a said earlier, I’m not good with spice, but chicken tikka is a good mix of spice and plain. I love poppadoms and naan breads too, but the curry is normally the highlight.

What is your all-time favourite meal?                   
I love my Dad’s chicken pie. It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe, and it just tastes so delicious. The pastry isn’t homemade but the flavours make it. I would recommend it, I think it comes from the 30 minute meal cookbook.

I also decided to add my own question to the mix, feel free to include or exclude this!

Favourite dessert?
I’m totally a sweet girl, and adore all thing sugary and chocolaty. I know it’s bad for you, but there is simply nothing to compare dessert to. I found this so difficult to pick, I love so many things like New York cheesecake, hot chocolate puddings, apple and raspery tarts/ crumble… but I choose a bit of an unusual one- tiramisu. I love the creaminess of it, the sweetness of chocolate and then the kick of alcohol.

So now it’s my turn to tag some people! I choose-

I would also love to see YOU do this tag, link it in the comments and I’ll give it a read! I hope you liked this, the summer is running out and so are the 3 posts a week! 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

REVIEW- Honey Bee, Lush Bath Ballistic

So this post is going to be a review of an item from lush. I’ve only ever tried one other item from Lush (see review: ), so I was excited to try a new ‘bath ballistic’.
I was shopping with a friend one day, and we decided to pop into the shop, taking time to smell each bath bomb. I liked a few but wasn’t 100% grasped by them, however when my nose smelt the sweet scent of the ‘Honey Bee’ ballistic, I knew it was the one for me.
It smelt so sweet and sugary, and the honey aroma was so tempting. I love the smell of honey, and I found it strong but not overpowering.

I kept the bath bomb for a special occasion, after a week long camp, and was so thrilled about using it. I ran a warm bubble bath and took the yellow sun from its wrapper. Taking one last deep smell of it, I placed the bath ballistic into the water. It fizzed up and down in the water, releasing a strong yellow colour. The smell was fragrant and the colour vivid. I thought a yellow bath might feel a little like I’d weed in the bath water, but the yellow was too intense and I enjoyed it.

I would definatly recommend the ‘Honey Bee Bath Ballistic’ for anyone who likes sweet scents and a simple but effective bath bomb. Great for those who like a mixture of scents, or as a gift- as it is not too overpowering and is likable. It one of the larger bath bombs that Lush makes, and is only £3.25, so great for treating yourself to a pamper session. Buy online?

Hope you liked this short and sweet post, 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Skincare Routine

So I never used to be a person for liking skincare or using many products which were good for my face, but lately I have been creating a small collection of cheap high-street skincare items; this post is my current routine and my honest opinions of these products. I do this routine at night.

So to begin my routine I have a step that I forgot to photograph, so sorry about that, and its face wipes. I like to get the first bit of makeup off before I start to cleanse and wash my face properly. I normally use either the ‘Simple’ face wipes or ‘Boots Tea Tree and Witch-hazel’ wipes- both are great and so cheap. I have also made the late discovery of the ‘Simple Eye Make-up Remover’ pads, which come like normal face wipes but are so great for travelling. Especially when you don’t want to take around a separate bottle of eye makeup remover!

So step 1 on my photographed products is the ‘Boots Tea Tree and Witch-hazel’ foaming face wash. I have been using this daily for months and I love it for a face wash. It’s quick and simple to put on and take off, and the bottle lasts at least 3 months, which is great quality for money. It’s great if you’re a beginner in skincare and you want something easy! The best bit is it’s just a small £3.59 but only at Boots. Buy:

Next I use my new Garnier scrub. In the past I have used the ‘Simple’ face scrub, which I absolutely love as it never feels too harsh. However this isn’t a daily scrub so I only use it occasionally. I have lately been using the ‘Pure Active fruit energy’ gel scrub that is flavoured with orange and pomegranate. I sometimes find it a little harsh but I think it’s good because it gives my skin a proper clean. Again this product is so cheap, at just only £3.33! Get it here:

Step 3 is another face wash, but this time it is a gel wash. For this, I add a dot into wet palms and rub my hands together. Then it is easier to apply to my face, and I message it in. Washing it off with warm water, it bubbles on my face and then comes off. Again it is so cheap but does take a while to get used to- so not great if you’re starting a skincare routine from scratch. Buy:

Next is my favourite and most indulgent step in my routine. This product is slightly more pricy but not compared to big brands, as it is still high-street. The ‘Ultimate’ is a hot cloth cleanser from ‘Soap&Glory’ and is a pleasure to use. To use it, just message it into your skin for 2 minutes- I normally apply it in circular motions. Whilst this is happening, make sure the cloth (comes with the product) is soaking in hot water. At the end of 2 minutes, wipe it off with the warm material. This makes me skin feel so soft and luxurious. It smells of herbs, which at first I found a little weird, but now I find it soothing. It’s £10.00 at boots but there’s often deals on ‘Soap&Glory’ and the Boots skincare range. Buy it here:

Step 5 is moisturiser. I’m not really fussed about which moisturiser I use, however I normally use the ‘Johnsons Baby Lotion’ which is rich and softening. I find my skin absorbs it and it feels so smooth! It’s also great because it’s multi-purpose as you can use it for face and body. The bottle is huge, and has literally lasted me for months on months. It’s again very cheap at £3.35 and is available at many supermarkets and cosmetic stores. Get it here:

If I’m having a particularly bad skin time with spots, I use my Garnier ‘Pure Active Spot Fighting 24hr Moisturiser’. This normally clears up my spots and blemishes, although it’s not a great product. It has a weird smell and the scent feels a little gone off. I’m hoping to try a new spot lotion soon. If you have any recommendations, let me know. It’s £3.33 from Boots-

Sometimes, about once or twice a week, I use a face mask. The ‘Vitamin E moisture mask’ from Superdrug’s own range, is cheap and really hydrating. I have used this one for months now, a little amount each time. Message it in and then leave the mask on for about 10-15 minutes. It turns out cheaper than if you buy individual 99p masks, I am hoping to try different items from the range. It’s only £2.59, so great for beginners and adds a little luxury to pamper nights! Buy-

So that’s it, these are the products that are in my summer skincare routine 2014. Please let me know what products you use, or anything you would recommend. Keep enjoying the summer before it ends,

Friday, 22 August 2014

DIY: Notebook | Back to School 2014

Hey everyone,
So today is my first post in my ‘back to school 2014’ series. I know I’m doing a lot of series posts at the moment, however as #summerstyle is coming to the end, it’s easier to plan blog posts like this. So I hate to say this, but this beautiful summer holiday is going to come to an end- no matter how much I try to put it off in my mind. So I’ve decided that the only way I can make the idea of going back to school a little less painful is that I can be school-ready, which means I have all the necessary school supplies! There will only be a few posts, but I hope this may help/inspire a few of you.
Today’s post is a DIY. When I have tests in school, I am often lazy and put off revising, especially in my science subjects. One of my school goals for this year is to improve my effort and grades in science, and I want me revision to be less forced! I decided I wanted a separate revision book for physics, chemistry and biology. I looked in the shops, but notebooks are either too expensive or too nice for school work. So I decided I’d DIY some notebooks, and I thought I’d make a post so that you can too!

Time for DIY: 30 mins

What you’ll need:
·         A notebook, I used A4. You could use a notebook you already have if you want, it will not matter by the time you’ve finished!
·         Scrapbook paper. I used a pad of different papers, but you could use coloured card, wrapping paper, images of the internet, magazines etc. Be imaginative!
·         Scissors
·         Glue
·         Pencil
·         Two alternative coloured pieces of paper or card
·         (Optional) A computer with a lot of fonts

Step 1-
Take your notebook and remove any stickers on the front. Then take your scrapbook paper and select a piece of pattern that suits the colour of the notebook (because a few cms on the front will show). Make sure that the piece is large enough to cover the page. Then draw around it using your pencil.

Step 2-
Cut around the paper, using the lines you’ve drawn. Make sure that you fit the paper as well as you can, the more precise you are, the better it will look. Then stick it on using a Pritt stick (glue)- you may need quite a bit. Also make sure that you glue right up until the corners so that the paper doesn’t un-stick!

Step 3-
Now you are ready to create the label on the front. So you will need two pieces of card/ paper to layer on the front. Cut one smaller than the other. I chose a piece of brown scrapbook paper and then also a piece of lined paper (from a notebook). Glue on the larger piece of card, I chose to place mine in the centre but you could put it anywhere, see what you prefer.

Step 4-
For the top label, I chose to write my subject name. You could alternatively write your name, class, teacher etc. Now this is an optional step, but I loved how it looked on the book. So you can either write like you would normally, although I would recommend a few practises, or use this simple tip. If you go onto your computer and load a program on which you can write on, write out your subject and select your favourite font. I chose a handwritten one. Then either print it onto the paper or trace it onto your paper.

Step 5-
To finish off your notebook, all you need to do is stick down your smaller label. Then the notebook is ready to be used.

I think this DIY is so cute and effective. The boring plain notebooks I bought from Tesco were only £2.00, and I already had the scrapbook papers, so this was a cheaper alternative to pricy £5.00 notebooks, and it’s personalised for you. I’d love to see your DIYs, please send them to me and comment down below what you thought.
For surviving back to school,

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My Travel Diary- Brixham, Devon.

So, as you’ve noticed if you’re a regular reader, in the summer holidays I go on either a lot of day trips or short breaks. This mean my ‘My Travel Diary’ series is turning into a consistent post. I hope you don’t mind this, and that you enjoy them and find them interesting- I love to put them together!

So for three and a half days last week I went camping, with my family, to Brixham. Brixham is a coastal town on the south coast of the UK. The coast often gets a lot of sunshine and the natural beaches are very attractive, which was why we were interested in going. It is a place dotted with seagulls and quaint family shops, with a stunning harbour and many gorgeous seaside scenes.
The weather we had in Brixham was a combination, with mostly sun but the occasional shower of rain, also a lot of cool breezes. We camped at ‘Upton Manor Farm Camping’ site, which was on the top of the hill, near the caravan site. It was a basic site, but exactly what we needed. Our tent had electric hook up and the site’s toilets and showers were kept impeccably clean. I would defiantly recommend it, as it is only a 20 minute walk from the harbour and high street- although this is a hilly walk. Our large- no HUGE- family tent made the experience more like glamping, as we were fortunate enough to have separate rooms, airbeds and a tent carpet! If you are interested our tent is from Vango and is called the ‘Vango Maritsa 700’ in green. We have used it lots and we love it!

When we arrived, we put to the tent and set up camp. On Monday night we walked from the site to Brixham’s harbour. It was a sunny evening- if a little chilly, and the boats all looked so scenic. We walked around, enjoying the music from the local brass band and the seaside feel. We stopped to have a drink, admiring our view.
The mouth-watering taste of fish and chips drew us in and we went for some dinner. We chose to eat at ‘Simply Fish’, a delightful fish and chip restaurant. All cooked to order, we were so impressed and the staff were lovely and welcoming.

Day 2 began with a late morning and a warm breakfast. When we were all ready, we walked down to St. Mary’s beach, a small and isolated beach. The sea water was freezing, so I didn’t swim, but it was a lovely morning. I spent my time finishing my book- ‘Ten Things I’ve Learnt about Love’ by Sarah Butler. We even saw a seal swimming in the shallow beach water!

That evening we went to Dartmouth, and enjoyed even more harbour views. We also watched lots of people go crabbing- I really wanted to try it but we never got around to it! We enjoyed a lovely pub-food dinner at the ‘Seven Stars’.

On Day 3 we decided to take a coastal walk. The views were stunning and the sea looked warm and exotic. The walk from the camping site went around the cliffs and back in a circle through Brixham and back up the hill to the site; about 6 miles long.

On the walk we stopped at Berry head, where we had a coffee and a cake at the small café. I had carrot cake and it was delicious, all homemade. Berry point was very interesting but we soon had to carry on the walk, this time heading into Brixham.
Whilst we were in town, I went into an adorable shop which sold cute homeware. I
bought two a floral star and Scottie dog, which were metal and were for hanging.
Once we got back to the campsite, we chilled and I did some reading and writing. For dinner, it was a walk back into town, and towards ‘The Lusty Wench’.  I wore my new kimono in the outfit I showed for an OOTD, read here : .The restaurant was on the harbour side and was busy (we’d booked). It specialised in steak and local fish, priding itself for its fresh produce and supporting resident businesses. I had fish for starter, which was yummy, and the rump steak, which was AMAZING! Pricy but defiantly worth it, if in Brixham, ‘The Lusty Wench’ should be on your list of places to go!
The harbour looked so peaceful at night, light reflecting and rippling on the soft waves.

Thursday morning bought packing down the tent and heading home, where we were all sad to go- but I did feel like I needed a sleep in my bed!

I had an amazing time, and I would no-doubt-ably recommend the town. I love camping with the family, and I actually got to relax quite a lot. So I hope you enjoyed, let me know in the comments below,

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Book Review: Ten Things I've Learnt About Love

So sorry this post is later than usual, but I finished this book recently. Today is my monthly book review post and I am reviewing ‘Ten things I’ve learnt about love’ by Sarah Butler.
So I picked up this book for two reasons that I really shouldn’t have- the cheap price and the pretty cover. I read the blurb and the first page, finding myself intrigued.

This novel was very interesting due to the writing style. Split between two points of view, each new section (chapter) alternates between two main characters- Daniel and Alice.  At the start of each section is a list from one to ten, which offers more plot details as well as background information. I really liked this, as it was unique and I found myself looking forward to it a lot when reading.

However the overall plot isn’t great, this book does have an interesting storyline. This story is basic, but I did expect it to pick up- but, to be honest, it didn’t. Half way in, you know the main plot climax, so when it comes you’ve expected it and it feels like its lead to nothing.

The plot touches on the topics of love, commitment, parenting and trust, as well as the idea that some things are better unsaid. One of the main characters, Daniel, is written as a homeless man- which I found enlightening to read about. Butler really explores the life of a person living on the streets and shows a relatable side of Daniel that many people may not see, for they’ve stereotyped him as a ‘tramp’.
I would recommend the book if you’re looking for something different to read, or want to read a book that doesn’t stick to normal genre themes. I would give it only two out of five because I did find the story dull and boring at times.

Have you read it? What did you think? Leave recommendations/ requests in the comments below,

Friday, 15 August 2014

OOTD: Summer Night + Floral Kimono | #summerstyle

So today's post is going to be an outfit post. I love reading these but I often find myself a bit unconfident in making them. However I was so excited to put together this outfit because recently I bought my first kimono. I adore the look of kimonos, and although I’ve owned similar garments, I have never had one myself. My kimono is black and floral, suiting well with my style, and is lined with tassels. I especially love how sheer this kimono is, so it is a great cover up on summer nights and is flattering because you can still see the body’s silhouette through.

Kimono- New Look £20
Crop Top- H&M £3.99
Skirt- H&M £12.99
Shoes- New Look OLD
Necklace- Dorothy Perkins OLD
Nails- Rimmel 60 seconds polish £3.69
Lips- No7 Lip Crayon ‘Delicate Pink’ £9.00

I love this outfit so much, I hope I will have a warm night to wear it on before autumn rolls around! Do you love kimonos? How would you style them? Have a wonderful week,