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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Positivity post #2


So today is another of my lifestyle type posts, where I share my mind with you in the form of a positivity post. I just want to share some of my thoughts with you, so that maybe I can help you, inspire you or even brighten your day.

This post is all about compliments. They are something that anyone and everyone are happy to receive but often are unlikely to give out. I love to give compliments, although even I struggle and it’s silly.


This quote is so true to me, as if I get a compliment it really makes me feel warm and good inside, and puts a smile on my face. A compliment is something so simple, your mind normally thinks it anyone but you often say it aloud.
The reason you don’t share it may be something due to popularity differences, not wanting to be judged or simply taking the thought for granted. You may think ‘her hair looks lovely today’ but you won’t tell her because she has probably had loads of those compliments anyway. But what if she hasn't had any.
Often this happens with friends. We see our friends as the most beautiful people we know, we love them and see them in their best light. Sadly this can mean that we forget to say ‘you look really nice today’ or ‘you really are so smart’! I think this is really sad, as these are the people who will really care what you think, and are the easiest people to tell.

Compliments are so beautiful because they let someone know that they are acknowledged for something that they are, have or look. Although they are normally associated with looks, compliments can be for so many other things as well.

Everyone has bad days, they can feel insecure or be having a low self-esteem day, and a compliment can give you the power to change this. You can make someone feel happy and free of concern, be it only for a minute, an hour or a day.

I encourage you to do what I am trying to. I am aiming to give more compliments, and to let people know them too. I have to say it’s harder than it sounds, as in this modern day the compliment is something that is often rare! But I am doing my best to let those very close to only familiar know, sharing a smile while I go.

Did you like this post? What do you think of compliments? Please let me know in the comments bellow, much love,

Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Body Shop Collection


Who doesn't like a good bath? I love a nice warm bath and a pamper session on week nights, they just make me feel so calm and happy! I must say I was never one to buy lots of bath products but because of a few of my purchases, and many lovely gifts, I now find myself with a collection. This is my Body Shop collection, and my reviews on all my Body Shop products. Enjoy!

So the first few arnt really bath products but they are certainly Body Shop ones!

The first is the lip butters. These little pots of lip moisturiser come in a variety of flavours, and I must say I love them. I have tried only two, the winter vanilla scent (which I sadly lost L) and the coconut (which I am
addicted too)! I use my coconut lip butter everyday to add moisture to my lips, and it is perfect for leaving your lips full meaning you can leave them or add lipstick on top. The cream is a tad oily but not overdone, and the packaging means that the product is easy to just slip into your purse. This product is great for on the go, and works for really dry or normal lips, as far as I know!!! The scent is just right, there but not too noticeable, and the taste isn’t too strong at all. I completely recommend these products; I’ve been a user of them for over a year now!

The next product is again a lip one. It is the ‘born lippy’ lip balms/ glosses. I had a set of these given to me,
so have tried a few scents. I used to love these but now I find them kind if drying and sticky on my lips. When applied, these add little to no colour but just a glistening shine. I find the flosses quite waxy to put on as well, although the scents are nice and strong. I think these would be more appropriate for young girls (earlier teens that wear lip glosses). Buy them here-

So this is my section of body butters. If you have shopped at the Body Shop, you are most likely to have tried these as they are one of the shops most signature products. They come in so many scents and versions, and sizes too. I love these products as they are great body moisturisers when you are in or out of the bath. They are soft and indulgent on the skin, solving all dry skin problems. They come in multiple sizes and prices, as well as in many lovely gift sets, but I’m sure I would recommend them to everyone.

  • Coconut. The scent on this is not too strong, but does smell quite creamy. It slides onto the skin so well, and the scent stays on for a long while. This product is available here:
  • The next scent is ‘Sweet Lemon’. This scent is so fresh, clean and refreshing. It is very strong and stays on the skin for hours, leaving you feeling really revitalized!
  • This next scent is by far my new favourite smell from the Body Shop and it is ‘Moringa’. This is a lovely floral scent, perfect for spring. The smell isn’t too strong but is still fresh and pollinated. I think this scent is best for spring and summer as it smells so much like flowers! Its creamy and smooth like the others, but I find this one a lot lighter on the skin. It is available here:

The next bath product is my coconut ‘cream body scrub’. This was a new product for me, and I was unsure but I do say I like it. It has a bitty texture, like a face scrub, which may put people off. But I always feel like it cleans you skin so well and I never find it too harsh either. It’s nice to have a different texture in bath-time, and the scent of this is very strong. I really like the product and I think I will be trying this in even more scents! It is available here:

The last product is the ‘Almond hand and nail crème’. I get quite dry hands in day to day life, and this is the product I use as hand crème. I have had the product in the scents ‘hemp’ and ‘almond’ and they both work so well. The ‘hemp’ is more of a cream spread texture and the almond is more light and cream moisturiser. The only disadvantage to the product is the packaging. It isn’t all that pretty or all that practical. When the product has run out, you must squash it out like toothpaste and this can end up with holes/tears in the packaging’; there can be leakages. Buy the hand crèmes here:

So that’s Body Shop collection for now, I would love to hear some of your favourite products from the ranges too. I also would consider doing a repeat of this post some time in the future. For now please leave a comment down below with your thoughts! Thank you for reading,

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How I style... Converse


So this Christmas I got my first pair of converse, low tops in a berry/red shade. I have been wearing them all the time since and I love them. I think they are the perfect for spring, as they are so wearable in so many different styles. This post is about my favourite three ways of wearing my Converse, I know they are basic but I wanted to let you know how I style them.

  1. Frilled socks
These are defiantly one of my blog’s most praised things this year. I am totally in love with frilled socks, mine being from Primark, and I have developed a collection of colours! When I got my Converse, I knew these would look great, although because of the colour of my shoes, I try to stick to white, black and grey and more neutral colours. I think these look so cute with the Converse and add a girly touch.

  1. Pattern socks
Now everyone loves a good patterned sock, I think we can all agree, and now Christmas is over, when you could wear them with anything because it looked ‘festive’, we must consider other ways of wearing them. I think they look great with Converse, as they add a print and also colour. These I have put on are black with tiny brown/nude hearts, and I mostly wear neutral colour prints as my shoes are coloured, but really it is up to you.

  1. Fuzzy socks
This is by far the warmest and most comfy look of the three, and fuzzy socks also look great with Converse. Fuzzy socks are often seen as a stay-at-home item, but I think with low-top converse they fit pperfectly. The socks I had on were actually the Primark thick 2-pack socks, and normally I would wear the other pair (as they are patterned but not striped). What I love is this look keeps your feet so warm, so it is great for going out when it is a little chillier or if you want warm toasty toes!!

So that’s it. I know I am very lucky to have Converse as they are a very expensive shoe, but I completely love them and they were an amazing Christmas gift. For people who cannot afford these branded shoes, there are so many copies and shoes in a similar style, just look around. I know that Primark do some and New Look too- so don’t worry. Down bellow I will list my shoes if you are interested in the same.

Comment down bellow how you style Converse, have a great day,

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Homemade- DIY lanterns


Today’s blog post is one that I’ve been really excited about. I have been doing a lot of crafty and arty activities, and I have always loved DIYs, so this is going to be a home décor DIY.
This is a step by step to make a homemade tea-light lantern. These are so cute as a gift or as room décor, and are brilliant to accessories your room with. Also, this is based on recycling a product, which makes this such an amazing eco-friendly task.

I came up with this idea when I saw something similar in a shop. I google it and found inspiration for my final design via Pintrest and .

You will need:
  • A food tin, I used Heinz beans
  • Wire
  • Paint of any colour, acrylic is better
  • Paintbrush
  • A nail
  • A hammer/ a pebble
  • Paper and a pencil
  • A tealight

  1. The first step is to use whatever is on the inside of the tin. After this, just wash the tin and dry it. Make sure you remove the label. Once the product is drained you are ready to start. You will need to measure round the tin and then produce a slip of paper which fits around the tin. You will need this for the pattern.
  2. Now fill the tin with water and put it into your freezer. Now leave it overnight, or as long as it needs to freeze.
  3. Whilst you are waiting, take the paper and draw out a pattern. Putting dots on the places where you want holes. This can be any sort of design, like swirls, hearts, zigzags or flowers. Feel as free as you like, but remember that the ends of the paper will match up. Also remember to draw bigger dots for where you want the handle to be.
  4. Take your tin out of the freezer. You will need to be prepared for the next steps as you can needs to stay frozen.
  5. Now, using a towel if you want (so the table does not get wet). Take your paper and sellotape it around the tin. Now take the nail and place it over the dots on your design. Hammer the nail with your hammer/ nail, until it breaks through the top layer of the tin.
  6. When you have completed all the dots, and your frozen water will probably not very cold. Put the tin into a sink of hot water. This will melt the ice quicker.
  7. When the tin is ready, and has no ice inside, you can continue. Take the tin and begin to paint it. You can you any paint, spray is probably preferable though, and paint the tin. It will take a lot of layers to build up colour.
  8. Now measure out how much wire you want, for the handle, depending on what type of lantern you desire. Now paint this, also with many coats.
  9. When you have done these steps, and the paint is dry, you can put it together. The handle is simply threaded through the larger holes and twisted.
  10. To finish, you can add ribbon around the bottom. Now your lantern is complete. Add a tealight in the bottom.

So I hope you enjoyed this little DIY, it’s my first home decore of my new home-made series. I would love to know what you think and some of your creations. Sorry I missed my post on wednesday. Enjoy, 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Book Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


So it’s time for this month’s book review, which I’m hoping to make a monthly post, and this month’s book is ‘The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-time’ by Mark Haddon. I was influenced to read this book after it was recommended by a friend, and it was also given to my sister as a Christmas present. The book has been awarded the Whitbread book of the year and has had some very positive reviews.

This book is a very unusual story, and one that is completely different to any other novel I’ve read. ‘The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-time’ is a story that is written in the view of a boy, Christopher Boone, who has Asperger’s syndrome. A murder mystery with a twist, this book is a read for anyone who is looking for something different.

I have to say I found this book challenging. The point of view and writers style makes the wording of the story complicated to read. Although I struggled, and it took me a few weeks to really grasp, when I got to the good bit of the story I was hooked. This book is not what I expected. I don’t know what I wanted it to be, but it was something unbelievable different. I felt myself really learn about Asperger’s syndrome, Mark Haddon has written the voice of the story so well. This books plot is quite simple when you have finished it and think about it, but the journey is something that makes you think.

‘The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-time’ made me feel emotions, it made me laugh sometimes and think, very hard, in others. The mystery kept me interested and the story of the characters kept me captivated.

I would not recommend this book to everyone. Although I am so happy that I have read it, and I do not regret reading it one bit, this novel is not for everyone. You have to be dedicated to this, work on until you get hooked onto the storyline (for me it was about half way through the book). This story might take time for some, or no time for others.
Overall, I think I would recommend it to 14 and up, as I don’t think many teens would appreciate the story’s purpose in the right way. It is perfect for anyone wanting change or wanting to learn about someone with the learning difficulty of Asperger’s. I would also recommend it if you want a book that will make you think.

To finish I would say I give this novel 3.5 out of 5. You can purchase the book, from Amazon here ( ) for about £5.99.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on the novel, and I do hope some of you will consider reading it. If you have read it please leave a comment below about your view, (or a link to a blog post like mine?) or leave a comment if there are any books you want me to review. Thanks, hope you are all well,

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My Monthly Favourites- February

So this is a first for me, I really enjoy Youtube videos about monthly favourites by my favourite beauty vloggers and bloggers so I thought I would do one myself. This post will involve a few of the things I have really been enjoying, ranging from fashion to food. I hope that this may inspire some of you to consider these products or that you’ll just enjoy what I have to say!


So this month I’ve been doing a bit of products and really preparing me for my spring style.
The first items I have loved are my H&M skater skirts. I know I’ve missed the skater skirt trend a bit but my confidence was high enough for me to purchase one and wear it out, so now there’s no going back. I really like the H&M skater skirts in particular, as they’re flattering and comfy, as well as being affordable to buy and coming in a wide range of prints and colours. I wear mine all the time, normally with a pair of tights and my converse. I have a plain black one as well as a black and floral skirt, available here for £9.99.

The next fashion favourite is frilled socks. I know that I have been loving them for months now but they were practically the only socks I wore and I’ve bought more. I have one pair of all berry red socks from Dorothy Perkins and then loads of my £1.50 ones from Primark. I wear them with heels, Converse, boots, flats… all the time. I love them because they can really finish an outfit and warm up my feet at the same time!

Now a footwear fashion favourite for me is normally hard to choose, as I wear a variety of shoes often. But in February I remember mainly just wearing my Converse. I got my berry Converse for Christmas and I love them! I wear them all the time and I love the aspect they give to a look. Dress them up, dress them down, these shoes are comfy and cute whatever you’re doing. They are available from Schuh (UK shoe shop) here

My final fashion favourite is one that I only purchased late in February but one that I have still become to love by the second. This small brown satchel bag cost me only £8 from Primark, and is a good size. I love the cut outs on the flap and details of this bag, including the clasp on the front. I think it’s perfect for a day bag, big enough for a book and more. The satchel is a sort of vintage style, a classic bag for any occasion.

My next section of monthly favourites is beauty, bath or body.

The first item I have is my face mask. In winter I love to have loads of baths and lately I have been using face masks very regularly. I use them to calm myself, when I’m just about to have a bath and to clean and clear my skin. I have been loving Superdrug’s own make’s hydrating mud mask, a moisturising mask that is made with vitamin E. It is also scented with blueberry. My face mask of choice is a product that comes in a tube, so that it lasts longer and I can put on as much as I want and not waste anything. I cannot find a link to this product, but it is available in Superdrug for £2.59, a similar product is available here

My next product to review is a make up product. Lately I have been trying some new products and I have always loved a bit of eyeliner so when I heard that Primark had bought out a make up range, called ‘P.S. Love’ and the products were decent, I wanted to try one. The black felt tip eye liner was this product and cost only £1.50. I love this product because the thin tip lets you create the look you want. The eyeliner lasts, the colour is easy to build up, and it is easy to reapply. I prefer the thin liner as it just glides on (and mistakes are easier to fix).

The next section is just some ‘other’ products that I wanted to tell you about.

The first is headphones. I love music, it fills me with joy and happiness, so I like to listen to it whenever I want, and not have to ruin the days of other people. I use the small Skullcandy headphones, which have budded ears for comfort and keeping in the sound. I have mine in blue, and they are available here for a very affordable £9.99. I have also lately been doing run practises, because I am running 3 miles for Sports Relief, and I have found that the earphones stay in my ears during this activity.

I love to burn candles; it is a new love of mine after the Christmas candles. I have only just finished my ‘Christmas Morning’ candle, so when I had to replace it I wanted an equally as brilliant scent. I choose to purchase mine from Homesense ( ), a brand that sells a variety of home products, although there are only a few stores I know of. This was where I purchased my last candle, and there are normally a variety of smells for good prices. This time I bought ‘Madagascan Vanilla’ from the Copenhagen Candle Company, for £4.99. I love the scent of vanilla and this lives up to that. It fills my room and gives any space a warm lush feel. It is available here for £9 .

So that’s all from the sections but here is just a list of ‘of the months’ that I thought you’d like to read/ know about.

Hobby of the month- painting.
I have got back into doing art as a choice and not just for homework. Lately I have been painting a bit of Disney, watercolour paints are my best!

Store of the month- Primark.
I have been really impressed with the spring stock in Primark. I have purchased some clothes and accessories that I think are of the same quality and standard of many other high street stores, at much more affordable prices.

So that’s it! I hope you have enjoyed my views and thoughts on my favourite products of February. Pleas leave links to your blogs below, comment please and have a good day!  

Sunday, 2 March 2014

OOTD- smart/casual


So this weekend I had a family meal and I thought I would just do a combination of my clothes and makeup, as an OOTD. This look is a high street priced, smart/casual evening look. I wore this to a birthday meal at a restaurant but it could also be worn to other occasions. What I like about this look is how affordable it is and how I think it really reflects my style.

My outfit-

Jersey Top- Primark - £8
Skater Skirt- H&M - £13
Tights- F&F
Nail Polish- Kelly Brooke @ New Look - £2.50?
Impulse Body spray- Sweet smile
Old perfume
Bag- Primark- £8

When I went out I also wore an old denim jacket.

I hope you liked this look, comment down below your thoughts. Have a lovely week, and I hope your March has begun well,