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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Positivity post #1

Hey guys,

So this post isn't going to be about beauty or fashion, this is going to be my first quote post, where I’m going to choose a post that may link with my life or just something positive to put into my blog.

So this is this week’s quote and I think it is so true because it is simply the way it is. We view this world through our own eyes, everyone sees different moments differently and I think this is both a fact and an opportunity. Now I’m not saying that everything in life is great and happy but I think we should all try our best to make it more like this.
If you are faced with a horrible situation, like someone is rude to you or argues with you, I think nothing can really change how you feel. It is ok to feel sad and angry sometimes. The problem is when you let this ‘sometimes’ become all the time. You can’t always feel this way; it is too difficult and makes life feel hellish. Even if you feel your everyday life is difficult and pathetic, you can change this. The power to your own life lies in your hands, and it is you’re responsibly to change the path of your life.
Imagine that you are having a bad day, its raining; you’ve lost your keys, forgot your homework, have double maths in the afternoon and yelled at someone you didn’t need to. Life feels like it sucks and all you want to do is curl up and cry, now is your opportunity. This bad day is just one filter of your day. Now try a different one, think of all the good that you have taken for granted, like your friends hug, the food you have, the coat that keeps you shielded from the weather, the supportive staff at school and the fact there are people that ask if you’re ok. Here is your choice. You can be moody and carry on the way you are or you can put a smile on your face and brighten up your day. This may seem like it changes nothing, but when you add up all the good days, life feels a lot better!!!

Just remember that no matter how bad your situation is, there is always someone worse and you should be happy and not ungrateful for the way your world is.
I am not perfect, I get moody, angry, sad and dull but I do pride myself on seeing the next hour, or next day, as a new challenge to be happy and good. I always try to forgive and forget and I am always trying to make my world the way I want it to be, with more people being happy and less being grumpy.

I hoped you like this positivity post, this was more of a don’t be grumpy all the time one though! Please comment down below what you thought and if you agreed with me. I hope you are all well and having good days,


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Impulse spray review

Hey guys,

So lately I have been really obsessed with how I smell and have been really interesting in finding new scents, therefore, for the month of January and February, I have tested out five new Impulse body sprays and thought I’d review them for you.

Over the time I tested the scents tease, romantic spark, temptation, loving words and sweet smile and I will rate them from my least like to my favourite.

The first of the sprays I tested was called Tease, and is the scent of red fruits and wood. You can buy
the product here and costs £1.99. I really hate this spray actually, I found that it was completely wrong and overpowering and have only worn it twice. The scent can only by described, in my opinion, as heavy, horrid and a smell that reminds me of something an old woman might wear. I wouldn't recommend this smell.                                                                                    
The second body spray was called Romantic Spark, and is the scent of violet and white wood. This product is available here for £1.99. I like this perfume as it reminds me of a perfume. It is again a very strong scent but is also quite feminine and fresh. I think this would be preferred for an evening out.   

The next scent I tested was called Loving Words, which is the scent of violet and raspberry and it is available here for £1.99- . I would describe this smell to be fresh and fun, it feels energetic and I think it adds a shot of interest. I think this is a bit of a summer scent, but is still a very nice scent for spring.                                                 

The penultimate spray I tested was temptation, the scent of vanilla and peace, and cost £1.99 here . I really like the scent because I think it has the perfect balance of fruity and feminine. When I wear this I feel the scent is girly but also feels light and never heavy. I would prefer this for a party or occasion.                        

The last but favourite of all the sprays I tested is Sweet Smile, in pear and jasmine, which again is £1.99 . I used the same spray in the summer last year but for some reason stopped using it, but now I have
fallen back into love with it. This scent is a fresh, fun and fruity mixture and is just strong enough to last throughout the day. Every time I wear it, it reminds me of the summer and I always get compliments about it. I think it smells like a perfect perfume, a beautiful combination. This is my absolute favourite scent at the moment and I would recommend it for any occasion or event.

I hope you like this post, and maybe you were inspired to buy or try one of the Impulse body sprays. Please let me know if you want be to review any other products, just comment down below. Thanks, have a great 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Floral Nail Polish DIY

So its half term at last, I know it feels like ages since the Christmas holiday for me, and I hope all of your weeks are as amazing as possible.

At my school, in England, as part of the uniform rules we are not allowed to wear nail polish. I hate this as I love to do and wear nail polish. So in half term one of my first activities is to paint my nails.

Although I love nails and nail polish, which I am quite good at applying on my own nails, I do make mistakes.When I try daring new nail ideas, mistakes do happen. I tried a black and white dot look, with floral on the accent nail, but it failed! So when I’d bought myself a new top coat and gorgeous pink shade, I was brave enough to try again- having inspiration from this image I discovered on Follow my Pinterest here , although I barely use it!

Here is a list of all the colour polishes I used, where you can get them and price, if they are not available anymore I will link an alternative.

  • Topcoat/ Basecoat- my favourite has to be ‘All in One’ Nail Paint by BarryM and is available in most if not all make up stores. This product is a basecoat, topcoat and adds shine. It is also a nail hardener and is my top tip for nails polish lasting and looking great. I have tried more expensive ones and a variety of similar clears, but this is my personal best find. Find it here, for just £2.99:
  • ‘Mint Green’ by BarryM is the background on the accent floral nail. It is one of the traditional nail paints, in a beautiful pastel green shade. I got it in  a set a while ago, but it is also available for £2.99 here
  • ‘Shocking pink’ by BarryM. I used this for the original blob on the nail. One of the normal nail paint price of £2.99 here at
  • For the top highlight I used a really old nail polish from a cheap set from an unknown brand. Mine has a slight glitter in it, but for a light pink shade, I think ‘baby pink’ from BarryM would be similar. It is again from their normal nail paint range but is only £1.99!
  • The next is the colour for the other nails and middle pink shade. It is an absolutely gorgeous colour from Kelly Brook nails, found in New Look stores, although I can’t find a link online. I bought this really recently so it should still be available. It cost just £2.99. The label of the bottles just says- ‘KB nail polish- nautilus’.
·        For the leaves of the flowers I used a Rimmel London nail polish, from the lasting finish range. It is a emerald green shade called ‘block your green’. It again is avalible for just £2.99, at Superdrug.

Just follow the steps on the pinterest image or my photo step by step (although the images are a little blurry) to create this look, it takes practise but I’m proud with my left hand result, even though my right is a complete mess!!!

I hope this inspired you to try these fun floral nails or some colour nail paint inspiration. Please leave a comment below saying what your favourite nail polish idea is. I hope you enjoyed this,

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines make up

So it’s valentines day in just 2 days now! So it’s time for the post about valentines make up, if you haven’t already, why not read my post about outfit ideas as well? ( )

I don’t really know a lot about make up, im a learner but do enjoy trying different looks. These are two perfect for valentines, I hope you will like them and I do apologies

for some of the photos of the make up as the quality is bad.

Please remember, I have split both outfit and make up idea into two sections. One is girly cute heart filled valentines day (very pink) and the other is more romantic/ date/ party themed. These are not DIY’s but are a list of the products and a bit about where I used them.

For both looks I am using these products on my face,
  • Foundation, smooth effects foundation in creamy ivory (Max Factor)
  • Powder, stay matt pressed powder (Rimmel London)
  • Mascara, Black mascara (Barry M)
  • Blush, Blush in plum puff (Seventeen)

I also used a eyelash curler to curl my lashes on both looks. You can get these in sets, like i did, or buy seperatly.

Look one is ‘pretty in pink’,

This look is less of the all year look and more just for valentines! I have created this look of pink and glimmer eyes, large lashes and a lipstick heart on the cheek. The look is playful and cute, whilst being still pretty, although the lipstick heart may not appeal to all of you- I know I might not be the first to wear it in public, but it could be perfect for a valentine’s party!

The products I used and where I used them:
  • Covering the lid of the eyelid- I used a pink tone from an old (no.7) eye shadow palette but any basic matt pink would be good.
  • In the crease of my eyelid- I used a pink shimmer eye shadow. You don’t need a lot of the product I used, which was a dazzle dust in neon pink (Barry M), to give this look. Just add a little to the crease and blend with the main lid.
  • Over the eye shadow- to add a touch of sparkle, I used a sparkle roller ball (Body shop), which  really adds some girly glimmer.
  • For my lips- I used a (body shop) lip butter in coconut, as a moisturiser and then for colour I used my Kate Moss lipstick (Rimmel London) in 008
  • Then on my cheek- I used an old berry tone lipstick (no.7)

The next look is called ‘red carpet glam’,

This make up look in made up of a glittery bronzy eye shading mix, with a bit of a smoky eye style, cat flicked eye liner and a bold romantic red lip. I have worn this look before for events and occasions, but also think it would be great for a date night look.

The products I used and where I used them:
  • On the eyelids- I used, over the main part of the eye lid, a colour inflammable eye shadow (in hourglass beige although this is old stock from L’oreal Paris)  I used the lightest tone in the corner of my eyes from my (no.7) in good earth, which is a natural tone palette. Then in the crease of my eye I used a dazzle dust (Barry M) in chocolate, this is a bronzy brown shade
  • For the eyeliner- to create the cat eye flick I used the eyeliner from the natural collection, although I don’t really like this one, it doesn’t last well and is too thin.
  • Lips- On my lips I used the (body shop) lip butter in coconut, as a moisturiser and then over a splash of colour with my lip crayon in red (I don’t know from where). You could also use a clear gloss for extra shine

So I hope you enjoyed these two looks and have a great valentines. Please give my some comments and advice on my blog posts, I want to get better for you. Have a lovely weekend,

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentines outfit ideas

So this week holds a very special day in it- valentines day!
Although I am mostly grumpy on valentines day, it has to be said, I do still enjoy this day themed around love and romance. Today’s post and also Wednesday’s post will be themed around valentines day. Today is some outfit ideas and then Wednesday is all about make up! I hope you enjoy.

So I have split both outfit and make up idea into two sections. One is girly cute heart filled valentines day (very pink) and the other is more romantic/ date/ party themed.

So this is the first outfit. It is simple and casual, comfortable and easy to create. It exists of just some jeans/ jeggins, I had blue ones but you could swap this to any other colour. For a top I choose a heart top from new look. I have had this for ages, but you could choose any top with a heart theme for this valentines look. I finished the look with my pair of berry Converse.

The next still girly themed outfit is this. I choose this jumper, which I bought new this year from New Look, find it here at, which is a lightweight cream top/ jumper with black decorative heart details. I think this is perfect for valentines because it is cute but subtle. I had to wear a white top underneath though because the jumper/top was slightly see-through. Then to finish I added a denim skater skirt, nude tights and black shoes.

For the next outfit I choose this dress. It is grey with black floral pattern on it, with a skater like skirt on it. To accessorise I added a black cardigan and black bottie heels, with the alternative of adding berry and cream frilled socks (from Primark). This can be recreated with any dressy clothes/ dress you have and some simple accessorises.

The last valentines outfit is this one. It is all based on a skater skirt, which I have dressed up so it seems a little less casual. The black and floral skirt, from H&M , it is a simple skirt and I have just added a black strappy top, nude tights and black booties. Also because it is cold outside, I have added a woollen berry cardigan, which looks really cute and is so comfortable with the skirt! Overall I think this is perfect for a ‘date night’ as it isn’t casual but isn’t too dressed up.

 I hope you have been inspired by these ideas; I’d love to hear what you think. Please comment down below or share with Google+. Hope you are all well,

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Book Review- The Fault in our Stars by John Green

January, with all its other gifts of motivation and blue Monday depression, gave me my list of 2014 challenges. Although most are long term, I found myself eager to begin- one of which was to read The Fault in Our Stars. I can now successfully say I’ve done that and I am so happy I ceased the challenge to read such a lovely novel.

After my sister’s persistent persuasion to read this book, and my hopefully three attempts on chapter 1, (it’s always hard to get into a book for me), I began to read. It was a night I couldn’t sleep, so reached for something to distract my mind, a book a finished about a fortnight later. As New York Times’s bestseller, I expected the book to be good, as well as all it’s popularity- and this book went up to this standard and beyond.

So the book: I don’t want to give away spoilers so there are NO SPOILERS here, for all those who don’t want the plot ruined (and TRUST ME you don’t!). This story is stupendous and immaculately written. I absolutely loved the story, it was a trip full of emotions, good and bad, heart touching moments, chapters that nearly bought me to tears, (which, on a side note, I didn’t but was close to… I never cry at books), paragraphs that made me laugh in public or even moments that melted my heart. It was brilliant.

I would recommend this book to anyone, as it doesn’t need to relate to you for you to see it’s genius. The Fault in Our Stars is a story that I’m sure you will love. As a 14 year old teenager, at a point where I have been feeling my current days have only revolved around school work, I found this book as a haven to me. I feel, through John Green’s impeccable writing and faultless descriptive style, I have actually lived the lives of the characters, felt the whirlwind of emotions they did too and driven the journey that Hazel (main character) has.

The wonder of this book is simple. It reminds you. It reminds you how lucky we all our and how wonderful we can make our lives. It shows everyone and anyone how your life can be basic or influential to billions, and matter the same. The Fault in Our Stars also reminded me to really appreciate living life. It’s the details we should remember, as well as the bigger picture.

Overall I am SO happy I have let this book nest into my mind, and let Green’s writing open my eyes to everyday life. When reading this book my stress’s are gone and I finish it believing that how awful life can sometimes feel, in the end of the universe it won’t bother anyone, so why let it bother me? The novel has given me so many moments and quotes that will cling to me heart and I never want them to leave.

I’d love to hear what you think if you’ve read the book, any books you can recommend or any books you want me to review. I do hope you take the notion to read ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ now, right now. You wont regret it!!! The book is available in most bookshops as well as sites like Thank you 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

How I style... Buns

Hey guys,

So it’s February!!! I have been waiting to post this for absolutely ages because I’ve been so excited for the new look and revamp of mydaisychaincloset! I hope you like the new look I’ve created; I think it feels a lot more organised and sorted now.

Today I’m doing a post all about how I style buns. I am one of those people that loves to wear their hair down and I am often reluctant to put it up in a ponytail or bun. But, in the months of December and January, I have found some new ways of wearing buns and I am really like them now. This post will show you a few examples of my ways to wear them and how I create the look, although I decided not to do a picture DIY on all of them because it would take ages!!!

The first one is a big floral bun.
To create this look you will need: a hair brush, two plain black/brown hair bands, bobby pins/ grips, hairspray, a hair doughnut and a floral hair band.
  1. To begin brush through your hair, I use a paddle brush because of my thick hair, and tease the hair that is on the top of your head (this will make it look a little more natural and messy). Then throw your hair into a high ponytail, you will need to use one of your hair bands to secure this.
  2. The next step is to put the doughnut onto the ponytail, if you’re interested the one I used was a brown middle to large one from Primark, it cost £1.50 and I think it is perfect for my hair. Now carefully tip your head and spread the hair till there is hair 360 degrees/ all the way round. Put the next hair band over the doughnut and hair. I usually can’t double band it, so don’t worry if the band is a little loose. You can also pull at the hair a little to make it look more natural.
  3. Then you can put on the floral hair band. My one is from New Look and is called ‘rose top not’, it cost me £3.99. Again you can only place this on and not double band it, but its ok because you can secure it next.
  4. Now you will have a lot of ends that didn’t fit into the bun. Take out your bobby pins, mine are from a mixture of places (although the £0.99 ones from New Look are my favourite). Depending on the amount of hair you have this might take a few Bobby pins or lots and lots. Rotate the ends round clockwise, putting in a bobby pin every few points. Continue this until your ends are all secured at the bottom of your bun- I normally need 5-8, depending on my hair that day. Also make sure your hair bands and floral band is secure.
  5. To finish you can add as many bobby pins as you like to make the top of your head hair secure and look good. I also like to pull out two bits of hair in front of my ears to frame my face. Mine are normally naturally but I do sometimes have to non-heat curl them. This is easy to do my wrapping the hair around the end of a hairbrush and hairspray it lightly.
I normally then add a light layer of hairspray so the look holds.
I really like the way this big floral bun looks and think it is perfect for spring.

My next bun is a scruffy messy bun.
This bun is quite simple but takes a little practise to get completely accurate! This bun can be worn casual but is also easy to dress up.
To re-create this bun, you will need hairspray, two hair bands, a hairbrush and lots of bobby pins.
  1. To start, brush through your hair so there are no tangles. Then tease the top part of you hair so the bun will look natural.
  2. Next put up your hair into a high pony tail and make sure it is secured.
  3. After this is the step to making it into a bun. I never do this step quite the same, it is quite complicated. Grab your hair in any random way and hold it. Put a hair band around this.
  4. Your hair will look really messy and un-bun-like, but it’s ok!
  5. Now take the ends and rotate them round the bun clockwise, remembering to put pins in every few points in the bun.
  6. To finish this, you can pull out a few bits of hair on each side of your face; this will frame your face.
Now you are done! I love this bun but I normally need to hairspray it so it stays throughout the day.

This bun is called the big lazy bun.
I wear this bun casually normally, and I love it for how quick, simple and comfy it is to wear.
To make this bun, all you will need is a hairbrush and one hair band, bobby pins are optional.

  1. Start by brushing through your hair and teasing the top. This will really make the bun look better, as it will appear natural and not so scraped back.
  2. Now hold your ponytail, it can be high or medium.
  3. Begin to tie the hair band around the ponytail, but stop on the last/ tightest round. Carefully, catch the hair in the hand and then leave it before you would’ve pulled it throw.
  4. You can now, if you want, bobby pin the ends that stick out and pull bits of hair to frame your face.
This looks simple and so cute too.

This final bun is called the doughnut plait.
For this you will need to know how to do a basic plait, a small elastic/ hair band, two normal sized hair bands, a medium to large sized doughnut and bobby pins. Hairspray is also optional.
  1. To start brush through and tease the top part of your hair.
  2. Tie your hair up into a high-ish ponytail and secure it with one your normal hair bands.
  3. Now place the doughnut over the ponytail. Then, gently pull out a longish piece of hair, away from the doughnut. This piece must be reasonable thick and long-ish.
  4. Spread out the rest of your hair, covering the doughnut and secure it with a hair band. Pull out the hair slightly on the doughnut.
  5. Take the hair you left over (not in the bun) and plait it as far down as possible. At the

    end, tie a hair band/elastic.
  6. Now pin (with bobby pins) the bits/ ends of hair that were left from the doughnut. Do not include the plait yet.
  7. Now you can tease the plait slightly, so it appears chunkier, and go around the bun, over the ends. You can go around as many times as is possible and then bobby pin the plait’s end into place and the final look will give you a unique and textured bun.
  8. Again you can also hairspray the bun and pull out bits of hair from around your face.
I sometimes wear this bun if I’m trying something adventurous or am looking for something different.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed my DIY buns, and also if I have inspired you to try out some different bun styles. I really do hope you have enjoyed this post, my schedule promises lots of exciting posts coming up as well. Please leave a comment down below, this will really help me improve in all ways! I hope you have a lovely day,