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Sunday, 2 February 2014

How I style... Buns

Hey guys,

So it’s February!!! I have been waiting to post this for absolutely ages because I’ve been so excited for the new look and revamp of mydaisychaincloset! I hope you like the new look I’ve created; I think it feels a lot more organised and sorted now.

Today I’m doing a post all about how I style buns. I am one of those people that loves to wear their hair down and I am often reluctant to put it up in a ponytail or bun. But, in the months of December and January, I have found some new ways of wearing buns and I am really like them now. This post will show you a few examples of my ways to wear them and how I create the look, although I decided not to do a picture DIY on all of them because it would take ages!!!

The first one is a big floral bun.
To create this look you will need: a hair brush, two plain black/brown hair bands, bobby pins/ grips, hairspray, a hair doughnut and a floral hair band.
  1. To begin brush through your hair, I use a paddle brush because of my thick hair, and tease the hair that is on the top of your head (this will make it look a little more natural and messy). Then throw your hair into a high ponytail, you will need to use one of your hair bands to secure this.
  2. The next step is to put the doughnut onto the ponytail, if you’re interested the one I used was a brown middle to large one from Primark, it cost £1.50 and I think it is perfect for my hair. Now carefully tip your head and spread the hair till there is hair 360 degrees/ all the way round. Put the next hair band over the doughnut and hair. I usually can’t double band it, so don’t worry if the band is a little loose. You can also pull at the hair a little to make it look more natural.
  3. Then you can put on the floral hair band. My one is from New Look and is called ‘rose top not’, it cost me £3.99. Again you can only place this on and not double band it, but its ok because you can secure it next.
  4. Now you will have a lot of ends that didn’t fit into the bun. Take out your bobby pins, mine are from a mixture of places (although the £0.99 ones from New Look are my favourite). Depending on the amount of hair you have this might take a few Bobby pins or lots and lots. Rotate the ends round clockwise, putting in a bobby pin every few points. Continue this until your ends are all secured at the bottom of your bun- I normally need 5-8, depending on my hair that day. Also make sure your hair bands and floral band is secure.
  5. To finish you can add as many bobby pins as you like to make the top of your head hair secure and look good. I also like to pull out two bits of hair in front of my ears to frame my face. Mine are normally naturally but I do sometimes have to non-heat curl them. This is easy to do my wrapping the hair around the end of a hairbrush and hairspray it lightly.
I normally then add a light layer of hairspray so the look holds.
I really like the way this big floral bun looks and think it is perfect for spring.

My next bun is a scruffy messy bun.
This bun is quite simple but takes a little practise to get completely accurate! This bun can be worn casual but is also easy to dress up.
To re-create this bun, you will need hairspray, two hair bands, a hairbrush and lots of bobby pins.
  1. To start, brush through your hair so there are no tangles. Then tease the top part of you hair so the bun will look natural.
  2. Next put up your hair into a high pony tail and make sure it is secured.
  3. After this is the step to making it into a bun. I never do this step quite the same, it is quite complicated. Grab your hair in any random way and hold it. Put a hair band around this.
  4. Your hair will look really messy and un-bun-like, but it’s ok!
  5. Now take the ends and rotate them round the bun clockwise, remembering to put pins in every few points in the bun.
  6. To finish this, you can pull out a few bits of hair on each side of your face; this will frame your face.
Now you are done! I love this bun but I normally need to hairspray it so it stays throughout the day.

This bun is called the big lazy bun.
I wear this bun casually normally, and I love it for how quick, simple and comfy it is to wear.
To make this bun, all you will need is a hairbrush and one hair band, bobby pins are optional.

  1. Start by brushing through your hair and teasing the top. This will really make the bun look better, as it will appear natural and not so scraped back.
  2. Now hold your ponytail, it can be high or medium.
  3. Begin to tie the hair band around the ponytail, but stop on the last/ tightest round. Carefully, catch the hair in the hand and then leave it before you would’ve pulled it throw.
  4. You can now, if you want, bobby pin the ends that stick out and pull bits of hair to frame your face.
This looks simple and so cute too.

This final bun is called the doughnut plait.
For this you will need to know how to do a basic plait, a small elastic/ hair band, two normal sized hair bands, a medium to large sized doughnut and bobby pins. Hairspray is also optional.
  1. To start brush through and tease the top part of your hair.
  2. Tie your hair up into a high-ish ponytail and secure it with one your normal hair bands.
  3. Now place the doughnut over the ponytail. Then, gently pull out a longish piece of hair, away from the doughnut. This piece must be reasonable thick and long-ish.
  4. Spread out the rest of your hair, covering the doughnut and secure it with a hair band. Pull out the hair slightly on the doughnut.
  5. Take the hair you left over (not in the bun) and plait it as far down as possible. At the

    end, tie a hair band/elastic.
  6. Now pin (with bobby pins) the bits/ ends of hair that were left from the doughnut. Do not include the plait yet.
  7. Now you can tease the plait slightly, so it appears chunkier, and go around the bun, over the ends. You can go around as many times as is possible and then bobby pin the plait’s end into place and the final look will give you a unique and textured bun.
  8. Again you can also hairspray the bun and pull out bits of hair from around your face.
I sometimes wear this bun if I’m trying something adventurous or am looking for something different.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed my DIY buns, and also if I have inspired you to try out some different bun styles. I really do hope you have enjoyed this post, my schedule promises lots of exciting posts coming up as well. Please leave a comment down below, this will really help me improve in all ways! I hope you have a lovely day,


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    1. Thanks Keighly, I worked really hard on creating some new bun looks!! x