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Monday, 1 December 2014

I'm doing BLOGMAS | Blogmas Day 1

So I can finally tell you about the exciting announcement I’ve been planning, I AM DOING BLOGMAS! I really deliberated over this for a while because of all the work and time it would take me, but I have finally decided that I’m up for the challenge.

If you don’t know what Blogmas is, I am going to be putting on blog posts every day of December up until Christmas!

So I hope you’re all getting excited, I know I am. I will be putting up a mixture of posts, but do expect more chatty/ lifestyle posts. I would also like to let you know a handful of my posts will be pre-done and scheduled, but I hope you understand this because of all the school work I will still have.

I am also going to be doing another Q&A this month, so please ask me questions of my Qoohme Q&A page, linked at the bottom of this post! This month’s question are going to be themed around Christmas and winter, so if you have any please head over there!

Thank you for reading this, I hope you will stay tuned, and if you are doing Blogmas too, please comment down below! I hope you 1st of December was as Christmas as possible,

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