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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Best Mascara: They're Real | Day 4: 12 Days Of Blogmas

Hey everyone. The They’re Real mascara was hyped about so much on its release and today I want to chat to you about why I still love it.

 So this mascara is no cheap bargain, coming in at the hefty cost of £19.50, but it is undeniably a great product. I find with this mascaras, I go through stages of loving this, then forgetting about it for a little while and then remembering why I love it so much.

Last year, my Gran got me one of these for my birthday and then she got me a new one this year. Sadly my old one dried up in a year so half of it was left un-used. Therefore, this year I decided that I would just use it so none is wasted. Therefore, it has become my everyday mascara which works for school, parties and pretty much any time.

I love this mascara because it gives my black bold lashes that look voluminous and thick. It’s everything you want in a mascara. There is no denying that this has quite a thick consistency, and at the end of the day it takes a good while to get it off completely, but its worth it for the effect. So many people comment on my lashes when this is on, so clearly I’m not the only one loving this!
If you need a good mascara to carry you through this season and into the new year, and you fancy treating yourself to something a bit more special than your average £7 mascara, I say check this out because you will see results! I love it. Simple as.

What do you think about the ‘They’re Real’? Have you got any other mascara recommendations? Thanks for reading day 4, much love, 
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