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Thursday, 17 December 2015

My Christmas Bedroom + Decoration Tips | Day 5: 12 Days of Blogmas

Hey everyone. So let me start by saying sorry- I know this is late up, but I’ve had school concerts on this week and haven’t had time until now! Today, day 5, I am going to be showing you my festive room and how I’ve made it look Christmassy!

I love my Christmas room. Winter is honestly my favourite season and I love warm cosy nights, especially ones in my room when it’s all Christmassy. It makes me so excited for the season run up and it’s a lovely setting for watching Christmas movies and wrapping.

Every year, I make me bedroom bigger and better. I’m always adding to the decorations, but I also enjoy bringing out the ones I’ve had for a long time. This year, my new additions included Christmas   bedding (from Debenhams) and my first Christmas tree and its decorations.

I decided to have my own tree this year because 1, I love Christmas trees, and 2, I’ve always wanted one to put my presents under when they’re wrapped in my room. This one is a real one, and I intend to keep it and grow it in the garden after the season. I’ve nicknamed him ‘Bruce the Spruce’ and the decorations are from Sainsbury’s and Homebase, and the odd one I already had.

I also love my candles in my room. I have a selection of them, including tea lights and scented ones. This year, I have been burning this 'Tis The Season' from Boots own candle range, and it's smells so nice and wintery. I have also cracked out my DIY candles I made last Blogmas, which you can learn how to make (they're really easy but so cute) here

My top tip for a festive bedroom, or beginning a Christmas den, is fairy lights. They make the room. I have lights in my room all year round, but at Christmas, I have loads and normally go for twinkling ones for the festive feel they give!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some photos of my festive room- I love it loads. If you want to know where anything else is from, let me know! See ya tomorrow, much love,  
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  1. Your room is so lovely! x