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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Snapshot Sunday: Mock Exams and Festive Fun

Hey everyone. So today sees the return of my Snapshot Sunday post as I update you on what’s been going on lately. This week has been year 11 mock week, and to be honest it’s been pretty hellish. The last few weeks have been split between working and revising, but now the end is here and I can go back to normal(ish) life. Also, happy December, because IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS!


I am in year 11 and am facing my GCSEs this year. December brings with it mock exams and revision, and it’s consumed my last few weeks. It’s stressful but I’m happy to say that they end this week, so when this goes up on Sunday I’ll be done!
I have also recently started a part-time job. It’s really fun and I’m enjoying it, but it as well takes my time away. So I am so excited to get back to blogging and having time to myself, especially when it’s been getting all festive!


So, Christmas is clearly on its way now. We’re six days into our advent calendars and, look around you, it looks like Christmas! Lately, I’ve been embodying this, starting with my Rudolph Christmas socks. They’re from Primark, and were about £2 but they’re my obsession. I have also been cracking out the crimbo PJs, I’m so excited for Christmas!

I have also become a great lover of the pinafore. I have two, a black skater one, which is in my recent Autumn Winter Lookbook, and a new tartan one from New Look. I love the cute style of these garments and think they look so seasonal with a long sleeve top, tights and boots!

Eating and Drinking:

Now it’s the winter season and the evening are cool, I have been loving hot chocolates. Not only have I loved the occasional costa/starbucks, but my own homemade Cadbury’s hot chocolates. I love putting some squirty cream on top and mixing in a chocolate orange segments or chocolate buttons.
I am also lucky enough to have a Lindt advent calendar each day, so I get to wake up to a yummy chocolate treat every morning- which definitely helps during mock week!

So there’s that. I will now be back to more regular posts and they’re something exciting coming up from the 14th! If you have any requests for posts or ideas, please let me know! Much love,
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