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Friday, 4 December 2015

Lush's Yog Nog Treat

Hey everyone. Everything’s getting festive right now and I recently treated myself to a lovely LUSH bath bomb. This time around, I tried Yog Nog, a combination of spicy clove and shea butter.

I popped into LUSH a few weeks ago and went around sniffing the festive picks from this year’s LUSH Christmas range. After smelling all the bath bombs in the stall, I pick out Yog Nog because it seemed to be the nicest smelling one. I loved how creamy and spicy this smelled and how it smelt warm and comforting.

I didn’t go for a good-looking Santa or classic Candy Cain Mountain, but this unknown classic.

Sadly, mine actually broke on its travel home, so in the photos, it is just half the bath bomb I’ve used. When I dropped this into the tub, it foamed a mixture of bright yellow and creamy white. The sweet toffee tones that top of this spicy bath bomb were also delicious, similar to lastyear’s Christmas review of the Gold FUN. It filled the bath with its scent and let me relax.

Overall I really liked this one. At Christmas, if you do treat yourself to a few special bath bombs, I normally trial out a few different ones but I would re-buy this one. It’s like a warm festive hug in a bath bomb, what more could you want?

What’s your favourite LUSH bath product? I’d love to know! Thanks for reading, I hope everyone has a festive week, much love, 
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  1. Lush bath bombs are the best! I've been so stressful with exams recently so I keep buying them haha. I haven't tried this one yet, will definitely have to pick it up. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road