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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Festive Outfits | Day 7: 12 Days Of Blogmas

Hey everyone. Today I decided that I would do a little festive fashion post. At this time of year, when faced with your wardrobe each morning, you have two choices- a, somehow find a super wintery fashionable outfit, or b, go for a tacky yet cute Christmas look- aka the Christmas jumper was born. I love Christmasy outfits- I love to wear them when I’m in a festive mood, so here are some that I’m loving.

I have two Christmas jumpers this year, the penguin New Look one from last year- see a post here on it- and a festively printed man’s one from Sainsburys. I think Christmas jumpers are great because they’re so easy to wear and put on. You can wear them simply with jeans, or you can try something more adventurous, I tried wearing it with my pinafore and I really liked it.

I also like to get festive with accessories! These glitter reindeer antlers are from H&M and I LOVE them. They look perfect for Christmas parties, Christmas day or just any day in the run up- they’re just so sweet and were really affordable.

So there it is, what’s your Christmas jumper like? How do you like to wear a festive outfit? Thanks for reading, much love,
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