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Friday, 18 December 2015

Which Vlogmas Videos You Should Be Watching | Day 6: 12 Days Of Blogmas

Hey everyone. Well, with SEVEN days left till Christmas, the festive season is in full step. Along with busy shopping session, festive fun and endless Christmas songs on the radio, the season also brings Vlogmas. As a watcher of Youtube, I really like the Vlogmas season- getting a video every day is such a treat- but with so many youtubers committing to it now, you can’t watch them all. So here is a run-down to the ones I’m watching and why I like them.

Lily Pebbles- As I said in a ‘my favourite Youtubers post’ a while back, Lily is one of my favourite youtubers, and vlogs are one of my favourite types of her videos. I feel like Lily vlogs in a very different style to many other youtubers, without the need for her videos to go over 15 minutes. Lily’s vlogmas is one I always try to keep up with, and is normally my school morning makeup-putting-on vlogmas video. If you’ve never watched vlogmas before, I’d say Lily’s is a great place to start, she is consistent and interesting!

Tanya Burr- Tanya’s videos are another vlogmas I search for in my subscription page. There normally a lot longer but they feel like a special treat to watch. I find Tanya really interesting and festive, and enjoy seeing what she’s up to with Martha and Jim. Although they’re longer, between 20-30 minutes, I normally watch them whilst chilling, wrapping presents or doing art homework!

Zoella- Like most of us, I love Zoe’s vlogmas. However, this year it hasn’t been my favourite. I love her vlogs but with her also uploading a main channel video every day (I haven’t watched many of those due to running out of time in my day), it seems a bit much. Zoe’s vlogs are generally the longest, but I do enjoy them when I have time!

 JDRVlogs- Jess has a smaller channel and I like her vlogs for when there isn’t anything else to watch. Her style is very down-to-earth every day, and as she is a closer age to me, I somehow find her rants and thoughts really interesting. I don’t watch these vlogs every day, or very consistently if I’m honest, but if I have time, I will.

So there’s my top four. I, obviously, don’t have time to watch all the vlogmases, although I do prioritise them over TV, but other vlogmases that I occasionally catch an episode of are from Becca Rose, FlurdeForce and Sprinkle of Glitter.

Who’s you favourite Youtuber? Favourite Vlogmas? I’d love to know in the comments. I hope you have a great day, see you soon, much love
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