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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Summertime Styling Tag | #summerstyle

Hey everyone,

So this is the second post in the series #summerstyle, I hope my readers are enjoying it! This is actually a very exciting post for me, as it is going to be a tag that I created. I created the ‘summertime styling tag’ with Hannah from because we were both keen on creating a tag that would join bloggers in a fun way- with some questions all about the summertime!

Hannah is really talented, so please head over to her blog- she is also a beauty blogger (but this tag could be for any blogger), and soon she is starting Youtube videos so any support for her would be amazing!
That’s all, the way this works is I answer the questions that Hannah and I make, I tag some bloggers and then the tag circulates. However if you are interested in doing this tag yourself, just leave the link below so I can go any read/ comment!!! Thanks and enjoy,

1) What do you love most about summer?

Well summer isn’t my favourite of the seasons, but I do really love it. I would say my favourite thing about it is the memories that you make. Summer brings the sunshine and longer day, as well as the long holiday, so I love to spend days out with my friends and family.

2) What 5 things are on your bucket list for the summer? 

I haven’t made a summer bucket list yet, but I would say it would be to (1) see the sea, (2) make a daisychain, (3) go on an airplane –which I am doing really soon, (4) have a water fight and (5) climb a tree –which I’ve never done-.

3) What skincare products do you use in the summer season and why? 

At the moment I haven’t sorted out my skincare for summer, but I will probably keep it basic as I want to waste the least amount of time possible on myself and spend more time with others.

4) Do you wear more or less makeup in the summer and why? 

Probably less because I leave out foundations and most make up. Just a bit of mascara, maybe liner and lip salve and I’m ready to go!

5) What products being skincare and makeup do you use/ wear in the summer but not in the winter? 

Waterproof mascara, it’s so useful in the summer but in winter I prefer the effect of non-waterproof mascaras, as I always think that the formula looks better on my lashes. However I am up for trying new mascaras/ waterproof mascaras.

6) Which songs get you in the mood of summer and sun?

At the moment it is MKTO’s ‘Classic’ as I just want to dance to this all the time or ‘Friends’ by Jasmine Thompson. Jasmine is an amazing young singer and her music is amazing, her voice is so mature and she does some beautiful covers on Youtube. Find her here: .

7) How do you achieve summer waves in your hair? 

I have naturally wavy to curly hair, so I am lucky, but I am trying out new products to help enhance my hair. If you would like to see some product reviews, just let me know, I mostly try affordable drugstore-type hair care products though as I don’t feel comfortable spending too much on my hair.

8) What are your thoughts of the summer trends this year? 

I love trends, although mostly I prefer them on other people! I think gingham can look really nice and stylish and I especially love the range of crop tops available. A tip I use, as I am not comfortable with showing my tummy- due to my body shape, is to size up and wear high wasted shorts or skirts.

9) What makes you happy in the season? 

Summer evenings, the smell of BBQs, summer fashion and time off school!

10) If you could go anywhere in the world this summer where would you go and why? 

I am going to Sorrento this summer which I am so excited about because I love Italy. Other than that I would say either Disneyland Florida or somewhere interesting like Africa/ Thailand/ India.

11) If you went on holiday and all of your luggage got lost/ stolen, what would be the one thing you'd miss/ need the most?

Defiantly either a book, which is a holiday essential, or my sunglasses- which I am obsessed with, because I can’t sunbathe or do anything in the sunshine without them.

12) In summer would you rather wear flowers in your hair or sandals on your feet?

Flowers for sure, real or fake I love the look of them in my hair and them make me feel so happy! If you’re interested in a DIY floral crown, I have a post here:

13) What is your favourite nail polish colour for summer?

Something bright for me, I am still loving ‘Blueberry’ from BarryM’s nail range as it is my favourite colour blue as it looks so interesting, the shade is pastel but bright, blue but has purple undertones.

14)  Have you been hauling new clothes this summer? If so what is your favourite new buy?

I have been buying a lot of summer clothes lately, for my holiday, and my favourite new thing is defiantly my new Missguided sunflower skater skirt, I haven’t worn it yet but I can’t wait!

15) In summer it is important to protect your head from the sun, so what hat would you wear- a floppy hat, a trilby, a cap or an other type?

I think I’m a floppy hat gal just because I look so funny in any others! I have been trying to protect my head more from the sun, so I will be wearing hats in summer ’14.

So that’s all! I hope this tag put you in a summery mood- it certainly did for me!!!

I tag-

Let me know any thoughts on this down below,


  1. Aww I love your answers ❤️��❤️�� it was lovely to create a tag with you ��

  2. Thanks and yeah it was great fun! x

  3. Hi Lydia! Thanks for tagging my blog BLACK+GREY :)
    I've been quite busy and away from the computer lately, but when I have some free time I'll get around to answering these summer questions. I think it's a cute tag!

    1. Thanks! We hoped it would be a good tag, and no rush but I can't wait to see your answers, your a fab blogger! xx

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, it is so kind of you to say xxx