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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

July Favourites

So it’s the end of July, can you believe it’s only 5 months to Christmas? So this month has been fab for me, there have been so many amazing memories and wonderful days out. I got to go to Italy for a week with all my friends, to have an incredible week volunteering and to have so many extraordinary days with my friends and family.
It’s been a while since I did a ‘monthly favourites’ post; I thought I would do one for this summery month. These products are just a few of the products I have been testing and using, and thoroughly enjoying.

First of my favourites are my white peacocks ‘converse’ copies. I wear these all the time; they have defiantly become my most worn summer shoes. They are practical, comfortable, match with everything and make me feel so confident in my outfit. I find they really add a touch to an outfit, and the white colour makes it feel more summery. I like to match these low-tops with either hidden black trainer socks or white frill socks (Primark as normal).  These shoes were a bargain as well, at just £10 from . They’re great if you really want a pair of white converse but can’t afford the crazy price tag.

The next is sort of linked by the last, by feet. I have always loved the feature of anklets but have never been confident in wearing them. I have quite thick ankles, so I find the look of friendship bracelet/ thread bracelets really don’t suit me. I have been enjoying wearing this golden leaf anklet from Primark, especially on sunny days and on holiday. I don’t like to keep it constantly on, but is a great way to add something to a dull look. I fell in love with this particular anklet when I saw it, and is the only one I wear from the three pack. I think the pack was about £2.50- so it was great for experimenting with.

So my third favourite is my sunflower skirt. I LOVE THIS SKIRT. It is great for summer as it is so bright and interesting, and can be worn so easily. With white converse, a black crop top and my hair down- an outfit is made. When I wear this I feel confident and happy that I look so bright, the skater style is also quite flattering. I bought this for £15 from Misguided, but it is currently available for just over £7 in the sale. Link- .

So as you also saw in my summer haul, this year I bought myself new sunglasses. These cat-eye like sunglasses are now one of my favourite accessories and are an essential to a summer outfit. I wore these on holiday, but also in day to day life. In the past I would always buy cheap basic sunglasses, but I would defiantly recommend having a slightly more expensive pair which really suit you. Mine are from Accessorize and were just £14. Sadly, these are now out of stock on the website but I would defiantly recommend checking out Accessorize for sunglasses! 

Next is a nail polish that I bought and fell in love with this summer. Lately, on my nails, I have been enjoying a mix of pastel and bright colours, but nothing too neon or in your face. This is a beautiful lilac/ purple shade that I wore and loved. The shade ‘prickly pear’ from Barry M’s ‘Gelly’ range is the polish, and I have been impressed with both the colour and consistency. I wore this for a whole week with only a few chips- this was without a topcoat/ basecoat. I really would recommend purple nails as it is girly, bright but matches well with many outfits. The ‘Gelly’ range is currently my favourite nail polish brand because at just £3.99, the thickness and colour range is marvellous. To buy them go to-!

Following that is a skincare item. This scrub is a product I’ve been using for the last few months and am only just coming to finish it. The simple ‘kind to skin, facial scrub’ is a product you are meant to use 2 times a week. It is simple to use, just message in and wipe off with warm water. You only need a small amount each time and then the small beads in the paste will exfoliate your skin. Priced at just £3.29, the product is so cheap but works so well. Buy at boots-

My seventh item is a general hair accessory. Floral crowns this year are very in style and I love to wear them. I have always adored wearing flowers in my hair, but the wired floral crowns are so simple and yet look so good. I simple wear my hair natural and either place them on or bobby pin them in. Also, they can really make an outfit, some days I just wear a plain outfit and this accessory makes me look put together. They are girly, easy and perfect for summer days and evenings. I have four crowns now, a daisy one from Claire’s, an old pink one from Primark, a large sunflower one from Primark and one from a market that my friend gave me-with pink and white roses. Some are very pricy so I would defiantly recommend checking out some cheaper stores!

On the subject of hair, now I want to talk about a serum I’ve been using this month. This is the first serum I have ever used, and I really like using this. The Aussie ‘duel personality’ serum targets hair to enhance curls and create a soft feel to the hair. This is great for people with naturally curly hair, as I either use it on wet hair or just if my hair is looking flat. Take two or three pumps and just scrunch it through you curls. It is quite pricy at £5.19 for the small amount you get but if you use it rarely it’s worth it. Buy at boots-

So if you’ve noticed, in the last few make up themed posts I have talked a lot about the Maybelline ‘the falses, volume express’ mascara in waterproof. At first, I didn’t think much about this mascara, but after a few uses I really noticed the length and bold-ness that this product gave my lashes. It’s an average price for a drugstore mascara at £7.99 but does really make your lashes look very extravagant. Buy it here-

The last item, another make up item, is my ‘supercat’ liner from Soap&Glory. I have been using my Primark £1.50 eyeliner for months, but I got bored of it and found myself noticing that it didn’t last very long. My new choice was a felt tip eyeliner that was recommended a lot on Youtube. I have really liked this long-lasting eyeliner, and have found that the fine tip is easy to apply and create different looks with it. It was £6, which is good for Soap&Glory make up. I know that I’ll be using this a lot from now on, and enjoy experimenting with the makeup looks. Buy at-

Hobby of the month-scrapbooking. Lately I have been doing a scrapbook from my Italy holiday, and have enjoyed putting all my photos together. I would defiantly recommend doing this for summer days as it lets you rekindle memories and create a book of happiness.

Miss Selfridge- I have only bought one this from this shop but it’s been my favourite item of clothing. The pretty purple cami top from Miss Selfridge, seen in my summer haul: , is an item I have worn again
and again and again. It’s so flattering and suits me so well. I love how it looks with skirts and with jeggings and think it’s the best summer top!

And that’s all of my current favourite items! What have you been loving? Can you recommend anything to me? Let me know in the comments below, 

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