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Friday, 29 August 2014

The Foodie Tag

So a short time ago, I was tagged by Nia Elinor Mair to do ‘The Foodie’ tag. This tag is a little random for this blog, but I guess it is to do with lifestyle so I thought I’d do it! Here are the questions and my answers! Enjoy!

What is your favourite cuisine?
I would say that my favourite cuisine is Italian. Ever since I was little, I would always choose the Italian option on the menu. I adore pasta and love how they are all different. Bolognaise, carbonara, lasagne, pasta bake, tomato…etc. I am picky with pizza, but a good pizza is heaven! When I went to Italy in July, you can imagine I ate a lot of Italian cuisine and IT WAS INCREDIABLE. 

What is your favourite fast food restaurant?
I’m not a huge lover of fast food, but sometimes you have that craving and it can be so satisfying. It is probably the chicken from MacDonald’s for me.

What is your Nando's order?
I love Nando’s but I order something different every time. I not good with spice though, so I have either original or lemon & herb. I do love the wraps and burgers and… all of it!!

What pizza toppings are your favourite?
I have two topping choices. Either the classic Hawaiian ham and pineapple or just cheese and sweetcorn. I don’t like too many complicated toppings, and homemade pizzas are defiantly the best.

What is your Starbucks order?
Sadly there are no Starbucks in my town. The nearest store is in the mall, a bus ride away, which I have only been to twice. Both times, I have had the iced drinks and really enjoyed the ‘Mocha Coconut’. I am keen to try the similar ‘Mocha Cookie Crumble’ soon too.

Do you prefer eating out or home cooking?
For special occasions I do prefer eating out, I just think it feels more special and you know you are guaranteed to have a successful meal. I do love home cooking, but it goes wrong a lot and can sometimes not live up to expectations.

What are your favourite breakfast foods?
I love granola. Its normally a weekly treat for myself, but I adore the ‘Dorset’ chocolate granola. I just add milk and it tastes so good! A tip would also be to add it to vanilla ice cream for a dessert.

What is your favourite curry?
No doubt, it is a chicken tikka. As a said earlier, I’m not good with spice, but chicken tikka is a good mix of spice and plain. I love poppadoms and naan breads too, but the curry is normally the highlight.

What is your all-time favourite meal?                   
I love my Dad’s chicken pie. It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe, and it just tastes so delicious. The pastry isn’t homemade but the flavours make it. I would recommend it, I think it comes from the 30 minute meal cookbook.

I also decided to add my own question to the mix, feel free to include or exclude this!

Favourite dessert?
I’m totally a sweet girl, and adore all thing sugary and chocolaty. I know it’s bad for you, but there is simply nothing to compare dessert to. I found this so difficult to pick, I love so many things like New York cheesecake, hot chocolate puddings, apple and raspery tarts/ crumble… but I choose a bit of an unusual one- tiramisu. I love the creaminess of it, the sweetness of chocolate and then the kick of alcohol.

So now it’s my turn to tag some people! I choose-

I would also love to see YOU do this tag, link it in the comments and I’ll give it a read! I hope you liked this, the summer is running out and so are the 3 posts a week! 

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