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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Haul ~ School Supplies | Back to School 2014

So it’s time for another back to school post, I go back to school on Wednesday, so I thought I’d do a quick haul of all the supplies I’ve bought. I love stationary; new pens, pencils, rubbers- a new set can really put you in a good mind-set for school work. Therefore, I decided to show you what I have bought ready for year 10!

So these are my favourite writing pens. I only like to write in black, and prefer an inky- type pen. These pens are great, they are inky but dry quickly so you don’t need to worry about smudging. They are a little bit pricey but last for months, and the fine point nib means the pen is a multitask-er. I bought the pack from Tesco, but they are only available in store. They were about £6.00, for a pack of three.

Next are some more pens. So I consider myself a visual learner, and colourful notes really help me to learn and revise. I have never used these ‘Inkjet’ pens before, but have high hopes for them. The pack comes with pink, blue, green and purple; giving me lots of colour choices. I bought them from Tesco, and the pack was really reasonable for just £1.75. Link:

One of my subjects is art, and to write up my work I use biros. This is because they work better on painted surfaces. I also use them for pen drawing in art, as they are great for creating tone and contrast. This pack of about 10 pens, is from BIC and the pack is £1.50. Link:
The last pens I bought were a bit of an impulse buy. I bought this pack of pastel coloured sharpies but was unimpressed when I began to use them. The colours aren’t the same as on the packaging, the pens go through the paper and the ‘fine point’ is still as thick as a felt tip. I bought the pens from Asda, and they were just £2.00. Link:,default,pd.html?dual=0

I also got a pack of 4 pencils, which are just basic patterned HB pencils. These are great for art, textiles and sketching diagrams in maths and science. I bought these from a cheap UK store called Home Bargains.

So next is something so cute but useful. This pack is called the ‘ikit’ and includes a mini stapler, sharpener, whole punch and more. It was really affordable, and although I won’t take the whole kit to school, I will take a few! I bought the pack from the Range, website:

The next item I saw were these sticky note things. I thought they were great for highlighting things and bookmarking things to recap when revising. I don’t know if I’ll use these a lot or not, they were from Asda but I can’t find them online.

So these aren’t new but I wanted to include them because they are a school essential for me. The Stadler highlighters are the best ones I’ve used. The pack comes with a yellow, blue, pink and green, but when I saw the purple one- I had to buy it. The pens last months and the pack of 4 come to £2.50. Link:

So, as my pencil case from last year is still in good shape, I decided I would keep it. The blue floral pencil case is my main one, and has lasted really well. It holds a lot but isn’t bulky.
The red floral flat pencil case is also from Tesco. I bought this as a felt pens, coloured pencils case. I like to have these for my creative subjects but I like to keep them separate. I can’t find it online but it should still be available in stores!

So my last item in this haul is my new school bag! I am so excited to get a new bag, I’m a bit of a known addict and replace my school bag a lot. However I think this bag will last really well and I prefer it as it is simpler than my past school bags. The brown satchel is from Accessorise and was £32.00. It’s big enough for A4 and I really like it, but I’m only 99.5% sure. If I change my mind and send it back, I’ll let you know. Link:,acc_10.3/6891462200

And that’s it! Sorry the post was later than I normally upload but I was very busy this weekend! What are your school essentials, let me know in the comments,


  1. Such nice things those sticky page markers are a life saver! You should do a post on study tips/ organisation I could really use them tips

    Jennos Health.