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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

DIY: Easy Summer Drink | #summerstyle

So today is a DIY for a quick summer drink. In summer time, summer drinks are great to have- why not try something sweet, something sour or something fruity? We all love a starbucks or costa beverage but I’m not too sure those drinks are good for our tummys or our purses. This DIY is literally so easy but a great way to spice up a basic drink.
This is how you make a aquatic iced orange, which, in other words, is water with orange.

1.The night before, take a fruit of your choice, in this recipe we use orange, and cut it up into slices. Put these slices into a freezable zip-lock bag and put it into your freezer. This takes up very little room and time.
Also, using an ice cube tray, which are available in a range of shapes, sizes and prices. Fill it with water and leave over night to freeze.
2.       Keep water in the fridge. If you keep a bottle, it means you can have cold water at any point- much cooler than from the tap. So grab a glass and fill it with cold water.
3.       Go to your freezer and put in 3-4 ice cubes, this keeps the drink cold for a long time. I had heart shapes ice cubes, the tray was from Ikea.
4.       Also get your zip lock bag and open it up. The fruit may be stuck together- this doesn’t matter. Try to separate the pieces of fruit or snap them apart, and put them in to the iced water.
5.       Add a straw and go!

  1. That’s it! So simple but delicious. I find this drink is great because it tastes fresh, and is similar to squash without the extra sugar and preservatives. Orange has been my favourite so far but why not try lemon, berries, watermelon or grapes! It’s wonderful to experiment with and fab for all ages.

So what do you think? Have you tried this basic recipe before? Let me know in the comments below. Sorry this is just a quick one,

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