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Sunday, 10 August 2014

REVIEW- BarryM Gelly Nail Polish

So as many of my readers know, I have an obsession with BarryM nail polishes. Recently, my new addiction has been the ‘Gelly, hi-shine’ range. This summer the brand has clearly put a lot of work into creating a lot of new colours in the collection, and here is my review.

So I have three of the Gelly polishes, and I love all of them. I have the colours ‘Blueberry’, ‘Prickly Pear’ and ‘Sugar Apple’, and I think they are all stunning unique shades.

Blueberry is a shade I have talked about before, including my April favourites post: , and is a beautiful blue. With undertones of purple, this paint is a stunning cornflower blue. In some ways it appears pastel, in some ways it looks bright. I think it’s a very universal polish as it matches many of my clothes and looks great on finger and toenails.

Prickly Pear is a gorgeous lilac purple. It’s a very intriguing purple, as it is not like a pastel lilac but it is nowhere near a dark purple! I like to wear it on my nails because it looks very girly, but stays away from the common pink shades.

Sugar Apple is a mint green shade. It’s different to a lot of mint greens as it is a very light colour, and looks more like pastel. On first wear, I found them quick shocking and bright, but soon I began to love them.

One of the best things about the Gelly nail polishes is their consistency. The Gelly range is meant to be thinker and appear more like gel nails- and this is defiantly what it does. When you put the first layer on, with or without a basecoat, it will go on like a normal polish and then in seconds become more opaque and thick looking. Most of the polishes in the range could be worn with one coat, but if you want them for a longer time, I recommend two layers.

Talking about long wear, the Gelly collection is great for not chipping. I can wear this for seven days and it still looks perfect, this is especially great for holidays when you don’t want to change your polish colour but you don’t want chips.
The last pro point for the polish is the hi-shine part. Now, I love topcoats. I love the shine they give the nails and the extra chip-protection. However I don’t wear one with the Gelly nail polishes because you don’t need to. When the polish becomes opaque a natural shine/ topcoat look is on the nail. This saves money and time, I love it!

So that’s all. I’m really keen to try some more of the Gelly polishes this summer autumn and possibly also their matte and aquarium range. What is your favourite Barry M polish? What nail polish brand would you recommend? Have a great summer,

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