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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Book Review: Ten Things I've Learnt About Love

So sorry this post is later than usual, but I finished this book recently. Today is my monthly book review post and I am reviewing ‘Ten things I’ve learnt about love’ by Sarah Butler.
So I picked up this book for two reasons that I really shouldn’t have- the cheap price and the pretty cover. I read the blurb and the first page, finding myself intrigued.

This novel was very interesting due to the writing style. Split between two points of view, each new section (chapter) alternates between two main characters- Daniel and Alice.  At the start of each section is a list from one to ten, which offers more plot details as well as background information. I really liked this, as it was unique and I found myself looking forward to it a lot when reading.

However the overall plot isn’t great, this book does have an interesting storyline. This story is basic, but I did expect it to pick up- but, to be honest, it didn’t. Half way in, you know the main plot climax, so when it comes you’ve expected it and it feels like its lead to nothing.

The plot touches on the topics of love, commitment, parenting and trust, as well as the idea that some things are better unsaid. One of the main characters, Daniel, is written as a homeless man- which I found enlightening to read about. Butler really explores the life of a person living on the streets and shows a relatable side of Daniel that many people may not see, for they’ve stereotyped him as a ‘tramp’.
I would recommend the book if you’re looking for something different to read, or want to read a book that doesn’t stick to normal genre themes. I would give it only two out of five because I did find the story dull and boring at times.

Have you read it? What did you think? Leave recommendations/ requests in the comments below,

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