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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Book Review: The Night Circus

So if you’re a regular reader then you’ll be aware that on mydaisychaincloset I like to do a book review post every month. Reading is really important to me and I think it helps me improve at school as well as being a hobby I enjoy. I know many people may dislike reading, but it’s probably just because reading can be seen as a bit lame or because they themselves haven’t found a good book! I love reading and I would really push you, if you haven’t read in a while, to go buy a new book and enjoy some of the amazing authors that we have on offer.

Last year my New Year’s Resolutions included reading a book of month and I was doing so well but fell at the last hurdle, getting only 11/12. This was due to the book I have just finished, a book that is extremely long and challenging and took me about a month and a half to read. Now this is probably the longest I’ve spent reading a book but over Christmas I did find less time to read and the book is huge, however I’d still recommend it.

This post is going to be reviewing ‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern, a book that has a huge fan base and an amazing plot. Although I did find it a little confusing and the concept hard to grasp at times, this book has such a well-developed storyline that it’s worth a read.

Based around the notions of magic, romance and making the impossible possible, ‘The Night Circus’ is not your normal novel. I found it to be unlike many fantasy stories I’ve read before, and I found it was a lot more suited to teens and adults. The love story that goes along with it is sweet and you really get a feel of the characters emotions throughout. There are a lot of characters and separate storylines in this book, which I liked because I found I could connect more to some characters while still enjoying the plot of others.

Although I appreciate the story and the wealth of work that has gone into creating the tale, I can’t say this will be everyone’s cup of tea. My sister loved this book, like many others, but I’m not so sure that it’ll be a book I’ll want to read again.

I found it took more than a few chapters to really understand the plot and want to read on, as well as the fact that I found the authors style slightly dull. I think this may be the main reason it took so long for me to finish. Moreover there are over 500 pages!

I would give ‘The Night Circus’ 3.5/5 stars, and would recommend it if you like fantasy novels and fancy a challenge. If you’re not sure if you’re swayed to read it or not, why not check out some more reviews online?

I hoped you enjoyed this book review and I think we will be seeing another next month! If you have any thoughts on ‘The Night Circus’ or any other book recommendations please let me know in the comments. I hope you all have a great week, see you on Sunday,

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  1. I had a hard time getting into this book. I was (at the time) really busy and under the weather, though--so I should try again! (: I do agree that it's really confusing, and that's coming from someone who works with literature... >.< Yikes! But, I think it was really great once I had time to digest it. I hope the endings fantastic! Thanks for the review! (:

  2. Thanks for the comments girls, i am glad you enjoy my reviews! Kiera im so glad you agree with me- a good novel but a dedicated read! Lydia Eve xx