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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Teen Girl's Gift Guide 2015

Hey everyone. So it’s that time again- bitter cold winter days and whispers of festive music fill the air… Christmas is on its way. Yes I know it’s still November but this week, for some reason, has been the week of the Christmas Gift Guides. I always love these posts and videos, so thought this year I would create a post of my own.

So here is the teen girls gift guide, a board of some ideas for main presents (either gifts for yourself or ideas to buy other people) and another board of budget buys and stocking fillers (all under £15). I tried to get a good range of products, things that I’d like to receive, things I’d like to give or just products that I think are a bit fun.

So the first board is eight products that I would love to receive or give. They’re very much targeted at the teen girl- the beauty lover and a bit of a girly girl at time, just because that’s what I am and what I imagine the majority of my audience to be.

1.       The first is a bit of an expensive start but is a gift I want soooo much, a Soap & Glory makeup set. I love Soap & Glory, especially their makeup range. This set combines nine products and three mini brushes. It’s such a sweet set but also includes a lot of products I’ve been wanting to try for so long- like the Brow Archery and Solar Powder. Also, as many of products from Soap & Glory are around the £10 mark each- I think £40 is fairly good value for money!
2.       I am obsessed with fairy lights. Love, love, love them. However, I seem to want more because these pretty copper wire lights are adorable. I think these would be great for a girl’s bedroom any time of year- as well as the festive season. These are from Asos and are £8.99!
3.       If you want to get someone a gift, a LUSH box set means you cant go far wrong. I love LUSH. I love the way it adds a little fun to bathtime and the whole shopping experience in LUSH is always so lovely. They have their Christmas range out at the moment and I’ve been in several times to have a sniff of them all! This box is called Merry Christmas and combines a lot of the most- loved Christmas classics.
4.       Next is a gift that I got last year and I adore- my tangle teaser. I have pretty crazy hair- its quite wavy/curly and really really thick. I’d always struggled with finding a good brush but the tangle teaser works a treat. I have the original pink one, but I thought the black and sparkle version was so nice that I’d pop its of the Gift Guide instead.
5.       My fifth idea for a teen girl would be a nice purse. I love shopping and a purse is something that I use a lot. I think it’s a really nice gift because I think purses are the sort of thing where I wouldn’t buy myself a particularly nice one but I’d love to receive one. I actually got a Cath Kidston clasp purse a few years ago, and still use it regularly now. The Cath Kidston purses are in so many styles and prints and although they have a bit of a price tag, they are well made and will last well.
6.       If you’re buying for a teen girl, or you are one yourself, a makeup bag is another great gift idea. Most girls use makeup, and whether you’re a beginner or regular wearer of it, a cute makeup bag is lovely to have. This one says ‘You Look Lovely Today’ and is a simple one pouch bag. This one is £18, which is middle of the range for makeup bags. There are a lot of cheaper options or more pricey alternatives- and loads and loads of cute designs.
7.       Another gift that is lovely to give to a makeup lover is new brushes. Most makeup wearers use brushes and it’s always nice to give some or to get new ones. I love the Real Techniques ones and the Core Collection is great value for money, as well as being the perfect set of brush types.
8.       The last gift on this board is a makeup set ofthree Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks from Asos. I think this is a nice set because it gives a choice of three shades of a really lovely product- I have never personally tried this- the set is actually on my own wishlist!

So the next board of cheaper present ideas, stocking fillers and gifts that would be great for Secret Santa.

1.       The first set is a lovely twin set of two Soap& Glory minis, all presented in a tin. I think this is a great stocking filler or is ideal for a gift for a friend. Also, Boots normally has 3 for 2 on a few times over the festive season- so you could have a great bargain!
2.       The second item is a grown up colouring book. This year, these books have become really popular, but I’ve had mine, the Secret Garden book, for a year and a bit and love it. I use it mostly when I’m traveling but I think it would make a lovely gift. They’re also really affordable, under £10!
3.       The third item is a product for the Zoella Beauty range. I’ve never tried anything from the range myself, but if you or your friends like Zoella it would make a really lovely gift. It is a set offizz bars for the bath, one of Zoella’s bestselling products. Also, you could split this trio up to give to different friends.
4.       Another present idea is a book. I think books are a really nice gift idea because they’re affordable and also can be very personal. I’d recommend 'We All Looked Up', where I reviewed here, one of my favourite reads this year.
5.       I think this item is so so cute. The fifth gift is a Hot Chocolate Recipe book- which is £9.99 on Asos. I think this would be great if you have a friend or family member with a sweet tooth- maybe a Starbucks or Costa obsessed friend? It’s a book of hot coco recipes, and there are some pretty delicious sounding ones… this may also end up on my list.
6.       Next is some photo coasters. This is such a personalised gift, where you can put in photos with friends or family. The set contains 4 for £6.99, which is really good value for money.
7.       How cute is this? For one, I love rabbits and for two, cotton wool is something I use quite a lot so this is the best combination. This is £8.99 but would be lovely to have on top of your makeup vanity or desk. Well… this will end up on my list again!
8.       If you’ve got a lot of friends or secret Santa, this would be fab. This set contains 6 mini Soap & Glory products in crackers, which would be a great idea for splitting up. It’s a little pricey all together but if you split the setup it becomes such a bargain!

So that’s all. My first gift guide and hopefully not my last! If you have any thoughts, or ideas, please let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading, have a fab week, much love, 

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  1. These are such perfect/accurate picks with about 90% of them already being on my wishlist this christmas!

  2. This is such a helpful, accurate post! Have a lovely Christmas season x

  3. I love the post, it's so helpful and now I just want everything haha x

    1. That's the problem, there are too many things I want!

  4. I love the post, it's so helpful and now I just want everything haha x

  5. Soap and Glory sets always make the perfect present in my books! X

    Veganism and why over on -

    1. I agree! They're so nice to give and receive! I think they've got it so right this year with they're gifts!!!