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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

REVIEW- Honey Bee, Lush Bath Ballistic

So this post is going to be a review of an item from lush. I’ve only ever tried one other item from Lush (see review: ), so I was excited to try a new ‘bath ballistic’.
I was shopping with a friend one day, and we decided to pop into the shop, taking time to smell each bath bomb. I liked a few but wasn’t 100% grasped by them, however when my nose smelt the sweet scent of the ‘Honey Bee’ ballistic, I knew it was the one for me.
It smelt so sweet and sugary, and the honey aroma was so tempting. I love the smell of honey, and I found it strong but not overpowering.

I kept the bath bomb for a special occasion, after a week long camp, and was so thrilled about using it. I ran a warm bubble bath and took the yellow sun from its wrapper. Taking one last deep smell of it, I placed the bath ballistic into the water. It fizzed up and down in the water, releasing a strong yellow colour. The smell was fragrant and the colour vivid. I thought a yellow bath might feel a little like I’d weed in the bath water, but the yellow was too intense and I enjoyed it.

I would definatly recommend the ‘Honey Bee Bath Ballistic’ for anyone who likes sweet scents and a simple but effective bath bomb. Great for those who like a mixture of scents, or as a gift- as it is not too overpowering and is likable. It one of the larger bath bombs that Lush makes, and is only £3.25, so great for treating yourself to a pamper session. Buy online?

Hope you liked this short and sweet post, 

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