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Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Skincare Routine

So I never used to be a person for liking skincare or using many products which were good for my face, but lately I have been creating a small collection of cheap high-street skincare items; this post is my current routine and my honest opinions of these products. I do this routine at night.

So to begin my routine I have a step that I forgot to photograph, so sorry about that, and its face wipes. I like to get the first bit of makeup off before I start to cleanse and wash my face properly. I normally use either the ‘Simple’ face wipes or ‘Boots Tea Tree and Witch-hazel’ wipes- both are great and so cheap. I have also made the late discovery of the ‘Simple Eye Make-up Remover’ pads, which come like normal face wipes but are so great for travelling. Especially when you don’t want to take around a separate bottle of eye makeup remover!

So step 1 on my photographed products is the ‘Boots Tea Tree and Witch-hazel’ foaming face wash. I have been using this daily for months and I love it for a face wash. It’s quick and simple to put on and take off, and the bottle lasts at least 3 months, which is great quality for money. It’s great if you’re a beginner in skincare and you want something easy! The best bit is it’s just a small £3.59 but only at Boots. Buy:

Next I use my new Garnier scrub. In the past I have used the ‘Simple’ face scrub, which I absolutely love as it never feels too harsh. However this isn’t a daily scrub so I only use it occasionally. I have lately been using the ‘Pure Active fruit energy’ gel scrub that is flavoured with orange and pomegranate. I sometimes find it a little harsh but I think it’s good because it gives my skin a proper clean. Again this product is so cheap, at just only £3.33! Get it here:

Step 3 is another face wash, but this time it is a gel wash. For this, I add a dot into wet palms and rub my hands together. Then it is easier to apply to my face, and I message it in. Washing it off with warm water, it bubbles on my face and then comes off. Again it is so cheap but does take a while to get used to- so not great if you’re starting a skincare routine from scratch. Buy:

Next is my favourite and most indulgent step in my routine. This product is slightly more pricy but not compared to big brands, as it is still high-street. The ‘Ultimate’ is a hot cloth cleanser from ‘Soap&Glory’ and is a pleasure to use. To use it, just message it into your skin for 2 minutes- I normally apply it in circular motions. Whilst this is happening, make sure the cloth (comes with the product) is soaking in hot water. At the end of 2 minutes, wipe it off with the warm material. This makes me skin feel so soft and luxurious. It smells of herbs, which at first I found a little weird, but now I find it soothing. It’s £10.00 at boots but there’s often deals on ‘Soap&Glory’ and the Boots skincare range. Buy it here:

Step 5 is moisturiser. I’m not really fussed about which moisturiser I use, however I normally use the ‘Johnsons Baby Lotion’ which is rich and softening. I find my skin absorbs it and it feels so smooth! It’s also great because it’s multi-purpose as you can use it for face and body. The bottle is huge, and has literally lasted me for months on months. It’s again very cheap at £3.35 and is available at many supermarkets and cosmetic stores. Get it here:

If I’m having a particularly bad skin time with spots, I use my Garnier ‘Pure Active Spot Fighting 24hr Moisturiser’. This normally clears up my spots and blemishes, although it’s not a great product. It has a weird smell and the scent feels a little gone off. I’m hoping to try a new spot lotion soon. If you have any recommendations, let me know. It’s £3.33 from Boots-

Sometimes, about once or twice a week, I use a face mask. The ‘Vitamin E moisture mask’ from Superdrug’s own range, is cheap and really hydrating. I have used this one for months now, a little amount each time. Message it in and then leave the mask on for about 10-15 minutes. It turns out cheaper than if you buy individual 99p masks, I am hoping to try different items from the range. It’s only £2.59, so great for beginners and adds a little luxury to pamper nights! Buy-

So that’s it, these are the products that are in my summer skincare routine 2014. Please let me know what products you use, or anything you would recommend. Keep enjoying the summer before it ends,

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