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Friday, 8 August 2014

My Travel Diary - Teignmouth, Devon

So on Saturday 26th of July, my family and I all went down for a daytrip to Teignmouth. Teignmouth is an English seaside town in Devon. This day trip is part of my 'travel diaries series'. 

We travelled down to Teignmouth on the train, I love train journeys by the way. I read my Look magazine, enjoyed a breakfast of coffee and mixed fruit and chilled to my summer music playlist. We spent the day exploring the town and enjoys the English sun on the beach.
The town in Teignmouth is really beachy, filled with souvenir stores as well as the normal high-street shops. All the streets and strung with Union Jack bunting and fairy lights, and the salty smell of the sea.
We went on the pier, which was mostly destroyed in the storms earlier this year, and then went down to the beach. This Saturday was boiling and really felt like summer. When I laid down on my towel and closed my eyes, I could’ve been anywhere.

The sea water was frosty but I soon got used to it, and I paddled in- knee high. After I relished in the satisfying game of writing in the send. I wrote this message thinking of all of you, have a great summer everyone!

There were lots of seagulls on the beach and in the town, and I got some pretty good shots. Teignmouth seagulls are defiantly very brave, I could get very close and they wouldn’t even look up from whatever they were doing!
It got a bit rainy later in the day, but nothing could dampen our spirits! We spent the afternoon walking around, reading for our train home at 5.

Overall I had an amazing day, it’s great that sometimes you don’t have to go very far to enjoy the sun! Teignmouth was beautiful and a perfect seaside town. I hope you all have had an incredible summer break so far, keep enjoying it,

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