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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Last Minute Halloween Makeup That Can Work Whatever You're Dressing As

Normally I’m a rather organised person when it comes to things like Halloween, but sometimes- like this year- it catches me out and I have to do some last minute costume planning. The last thing I’ve needed to do is to think about my makeup, so today I thought I’d show you a really quick, simple makeup look that is so versatile and can work for lots of different costumes- no matter what you’re dressing up as.

This look is basically built on dark eyes and a bold lip. It’s built on the shades of Halloween- black and red- and can work for so many different looks. Add a nose and you become a cat, add a splash of fake blood and you’re a zombie. You could be a witch, bat, ghost… anything.
So here are the steps to building up this makeup look.

1.       I began with my normal base- concealer, foundation and a lot of powder to matte it all up.

2.       I used my Sleek Au Natural palette but basically any dark/ black eyeshadow will do. I began with applying a same amount onto a brush and adding a little bit all over the lid. Then I began to layer it up until I created a smoky black eye.

3.       To make the look even more bold and dark, I brought the black eyeshadow below the bottom lash line.

4.       Next I add a thick cat flick of liquid eyeliner. I used the Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner and created an exaggerated flick (because it’s Halloween and when else can you?).

5.       The next step is optional but I decided to add a bit of glitter to the eyes. I’ve had this Body Shop roll on for yonks but any similar product would work. I just think it adds a lovely Halloween touch and makes your eyes stand out even more.

6.       The last step is lips. I decided to go for red lips and used a Maybelline lip pencil and Seventeen lip gloss. I think a bold lip is really effective for Halloween but this look would also work if you did a really pale lip shade- especially if you were going as a ghost.

What are you dressing up for this Halloween? I am still undecided on what I’m going as but will probably be wearing this makeup. I’d love some inspiration! Thanks for reading, have a wonderful week, 
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