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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Perfect Autumn Berry Nails

So autumn season is bringing us all those things we love- fallen leaves, dark lips and, of course, berry shades. Lately, I have fallen in love with this nail shade- perfect for autumn winter.

So what’s the shade? It is in fact this lovely matte berry shade called 'Crush' from Barry M. Regular readers are probably aware that I’m a sucker for this drugstore brand but polish after polish, I am always pleased with the products I get.

This is not a new polish though. I’ve had it since Christmas I think but don’t recall wearing it at all. I do love a dark shade on nails in the colder months, but I always find them a bit difficult to apply and use. However, I did not have that problem with this.

You always have to be a bit more careful with darker shades, to avoid going off of the nail, but it does look so good. The brush on this made it glide on and I didn’t have any trouble!

I also don’t normally go for matte finishes, I think they can often look a bit cheap, but this matte just seems to go really well with the shade. Its matte but the light still catches it nicely and I’ve really enjoyed wearing it.

Of course there are amazing brands that bring out amazing polishes, hundreds of them, but not all of them can offer a range of colours and finishes for the prices Barry M do. I will continue to love this drugstore brand and am excited to try even more autumnal polishes soon.

I hope you enjoyed this short Sunday update as I thought I’d share my current loved nail polish with you! I hope you have a great week and are enjoying half term if you’re off school, much love, 
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