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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Flowers In The Bath?

Hey everyone. So regular readers will already be aware, but I am a huge lover of baths. I bath all year round, but when it gets a little colder and hits autumn/ winter it is bath season. I was also very lucky to receive a few bathing bits for my birthday, which I have been trailing and tested. So today I thought I let you know about a new set of products I’ve been really liking: Heathcote & Ivory Bath Petals.

Yes. Petals. Yes. Petals in the bath. I thought these were a little gimmicky and odd, but they are actually such nice products to use in the bath. The ones I have been using are these pretty pink soap roses from the brand Heathcote & Ivory, and came in a set with a few other bits.

The flowers are basically soap petals that dissolve in your bath. I have been using these along with a plain/ white bath bomb, but you could use them with/without whatever you want. They look really pretty in the bath and add a lovely light scent. Although the pack this was with is actually quite heavily scented, a few of these petals add just a light touch.

On the packet, it recommends you use 5-6 petals per bath, although I’ve been using more like 7-8. The pack I was given had four flowers, which will each do two to three baths. Therefore, a set of four, like I have, can last to around 12 baths- which is insane value for money when you compare them with one-bath bath bombs and bubble baths.

So I’d never heard of the brand Heathcote & Ivory, so decided to do some research for you all. The brand is basically full of different bath and body bits, and has a variety of really lovely sets. I think the brand is affordable when you compare them to high-street competitors (LUSH/ Body Shop) and is available online on their own site and Amazon. When buying gifts, I would really keep this brand in mind because you can get some really lovely products and sets.

The flowers I got were part of the Secret Paradise Explorer’sJournal, and came with a shower gel and body cream, all packaged in a book-look box. However, the brand do so many different sets with the same or similar flowers. You can even get a whole box of the soap flowers- which I think I would love to give/ receive as a present.

So overall, I have been liking having flowers in my bath. Yes, it is a little weird but it’s a bit of fun and they do smell very good. What bath products have you been loving recently? Please let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading, have a great day, much love, 
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