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Sunday, 4 October 2015

A Review On My Autumn Essential Primark Bag

Hey everyone. So, I want to begin by mentioning my no-post on Friday. This week has been pretty hectic; I have had a lot of a school work and have actually been ill, so sadly I just didn’t have time to write a post. However, today I thought I’d put one up to make up for it, as I have found a little pocket of time, and thoughts I’d review my new autumn bag.

So the beautiful bag that has become my autumn winter essential is from Primark. I had no intention to pick this up when I was out shopping a few weeks ago, but then I stumbled across this and couldn’t leave the shop without this being mine. Over the last few months, my day to day bags have either broken or become really tatty, so there was a need for something- but I never expected this.

To start with, I hardly ever choose black leather accessories. I have so many tan bags and boots, and the brown leather always seems to attract me more. But, this bag has changed things. I love it, and I think it is perfect for the seasons to come.

So basically, this side bag is a stunning embossed black faux leather bag. It comes with a long strap and is so simple yet gorgeous. There is a small metal clasp that secures the bag on the front which I think just adds to the design of the whole bag. Inside the bag is quite a bit of room, and a few necessary pockets.

Although we’re just at the start of autumn, already this baby has been used and used. It looks good with all of my autumn outfits, not detracting but adding that special something. As autumn is filled with warmer darker shades, I have been really loving the black leather.

I’ve had a couple of Primark bags and although they are amazing for the money, I have to say they don’t always last all that long. In the past, my Primark bags have lasted from 6 months to a year, so if you are looking for an investment bag to use daily- it may not be the best. But, for me, the bargain of them mean that I can have seasonal bags and not be put back a crazy amount of money. This black bag was just £8- so what more do I need to say.

So that’s all I have to say on this review. For some reason, my review on my Primark boots was my most popular post for months and months, so I hope you all like this! I know as Primark has no online, hauls and reviews can be so helpful. I picked this up a few weeks back but as it’s so autumnal, I expect it may still be in stores- but pick it up before it’s too late!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have an amazing autumnal day. Much love,
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