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Sunday, 31 January 2016

The January Update.

Hey everyone. So somehow we have landed at the end of January and I can’t quite believe it. I’m not normally one for whizz-past months but this January has! I think with my pre-GCSE time running slowly out and hectic weekends filled with work, a lot of my time may feel like this so I thought I’d update you on my January- what I’ve been up to, loving and looking forward to!

January brings those post-Christmas blues and I can’t deny them. I always feel a little down at this time of year, after that rush of 2016 motivation has run out, and I feel the month is consumed by all of those feelings. Lately I have been working a hell of a lot, although this week I wasn’t all that well actually.

I have tried my best to keep up with my fitness aims but, with bad weather and a warm comfy bed calling my name most weekend mornings, I have only made two runs! Whoops! Oh well, it’s better than nothing.

I also feel I have invested in plenty of good items via shopping in January, including new jeans, boots and a new skirt- which I have been loving! It’s been a bit of a Topshop month, if I’m honest, but I think with my wardrobe cleanse, those basics were necessary additions!

I have also discovered some new Youtube videos to watching, comprising of those from Sophie Louise (the latest addition to my subscribed channels list) and probably one too many  ‘What I Got For Christmas’s.

Among these, January has also been a time for Scrapbooking and DIY bedroom-ing- although the mess has seemed to be desperate to stay on my floor this month. Earlier this month, I bought some beautiful glass frames from the Range that have been on my Pinterest boards for months. I have decorated them with photos and they are now hanging on my wall.

So to sum January up, it has been cold and busy, but there have been a fair selection of bits and bobs that have brightened those dark mornings.

Next month, I am looking forward to a jam-packed month, I hope. With a trip to London planned and many exciting blog posts in my mind, I hope to see you all then! How have your Januarys been? Let me know in the comments, I’m always up for a chat! Thanks for reading, much love,
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  1. GCSE stress is so real right now! Love reading your blog in my spare time <3

    Katie xx

  2. GCSE stress is so real right now! Love reading your blog in my spare time <3

    Katie xx