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Friday, 9 October 2015

Wonder Book Review

Hey everyone. So it’s been another month, so that means it’s time for another book review! This month I have been reading Wonder by RJ Palacio, a children’s book written from the point of view of a boy called August. It is basically all about him joining school and dealing with growing up. The only difference is that August’s face is deformed. So it’s not the story you may expect.

I have wanted to read this book for a while, as I’ve been told that it is really good and interesting. Although it is called a ‘children’s book’, I don’t think this book should be limited to that age, it may deal with childhood issues but it is equally interesting for everyone- I would say.

I really enjoyed this read. It isn’t the most challenging read, and the story is really quite simple, but I found it really really intriguing. I liked the way that Palacio wasn’t afraid to write the true thoughts of August and how he dealt with living with a deformity. As it’s something that I have never really had to consider in my life, I thought this book was very valuable to me.

So as I explained earlier, this novel is about a boy named August who is joining secondary school. As he has only been home-schooled before, he has to face a huge number of new problems and situations. Through his adventure, August has to learn with dealing with his deformity in school, making friends and learning to be himself- among many other things. Although it may seem un-relatable to many, Wonder still discusses themes that face us all during growing up. August’s charismatic and funny personality warms the reader throughout the book, as well as making us feel for him as he deals with all these new, scary prospects.

As this book is targeted at children and younger teens, I think it is amazing. Learning disabilities and physical deformities are issues that affect real people, and sadly- in this day and age STILL- we judge others for it. Therefore, I think putting this book out there, for young people, will help improve a more positive message, which I think is really important.

However, as a sixteen-year-old, I still liked it. This took me back to year 7 at school so SO much! Yet, reading from August’s opinion was really different and fascinating. I’d really recommend it if you need a new read, and, as always, if you’ve read this let me know what you thought! I am also looking for book reviews at the moment, so please leave them in the comments too! Thanks for reading, much love, 
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