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Friday, 16 October 2015

The Three Pairs Of Shoes That I'm Loving This Autumn

Hey everyone. I love outfits in autumn, the warm colours, comfy clothes and lovely layering. For me, this means that the accessories become really key. Whether it’s a statement scarf, bright bag or a dainty piece of jewellery, from head to toe- these details finish a look. So today, I want to talk to you about my three pairs of autumn shoes.

The first pair aren’t really that autumnal, but I haven’t stopped wearing them. My white converse were a post-exam gift and I love, love, love them! I’ve had look-a-likes, but they really aren’t the same as these. Although they’re a bit summery, they carry on well into autumn- especially on the sunnier autumn days. I love throwing these on as they’re so simple but go with everything in my wardrobe- what more could you want?

The second pair of shoes are boots. These are actually last year’s lovelies, but I still love them. These Chelsea boot-style brown boots are so comfy and wintery. I really like the style of these boots and there are always some similar ones in the shops every autumn season. Boots are great when the weather isn’t so good, if it’s a bit muddy or cold. I mostly just chuck these on with black socks, but sometimes I go for some frilly ones instead.

The last pair are some that are perfect for autumn, but are sadly ones that I often neglect to wear. I got these a few months back, and they’re a tan pair of oxford brogues. I wear brogues a lot, as they’re my school shoes, so I often don’t choose to wear them on the weekends. However, I am going to try and wear these a bit more because they are so nice and I think they will go really well with some autumn-y outfits.

What are your must-have autumn shoes? If you would like to request any posts then please leave them in the comments! Thanks for reading, much love, 
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