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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Spring Favourites | Fashion, Skincare and Lifestyle

So we’re mid spring and I decided that I wanted to share with you what I’ve been loving for the last few months. I didn’t want to make this post too crazy long, so here are my top pics for you all to enjoy.

My first favourite this month is hair-related and is something that has saved my hair. For the last few months, my hair has become really dry and damaged, for reasons I don’t really understand, and it began looking really straw-like and dry. I tried out different shampoos and treatment, but in the end, I went make to the classic Frizz ease hair combination. This so-called primer removes frizz and makes my hair look more sleek and smooth. It’s from the ‘Forever Smooth’ range- which I think is new, and I guess I just really like it. It’s £7.99 but is so worth it!

My second favourite is a nail polish from Ciate. This pretty muted mint shade is called ‘Sweet Pea’ and I have the shade from the ‘Dolls house’ collection. The pack, which I’ve had for a bit now, comes with five pastel colours in matt formation. I tried a few, but most didn’t seem to impress. However this I like, I like it a lot. I have been trying to get into colours- bright and pale, and this polish is a subtle way of doing this. Somehow I cannot face my crazy Barry M Sugar Apple shades quite yet- but for now this spring-time mint green works well. You can buy just the polish in sweet pea here for £9.

My fourth favourite is a TV favourite. Since I received my Amazon Prime box and Netflix subscription for Christmas I have been literally addicted to Pretty Little Liars (PLL). I never thought I’d be someone who could really get so into a show- but it’s just too good. I have been going through the series and have just a few episodes left (so please leave any other recommendations in the comments below). The show is about a group of friends and one girl in their group goes missing. However their story is no simple one, it is filled with twists and turns, romance, danger and mystery. I like it because it is light-hearted at times and easy to watch, but the plot keeps surprising you and you never see it coming!

Next is a skincare based item that I don’t think I’ve spoken about before. I picked up a few products from Amie a while ago and have been testing them out. They’re available in a few places in the UK, and I bought mine from my local Waitrose. The brand use a lot of natural ingredients and their products are filled with vitamins for your skin. My favourite is this scrub in ‘Radiant Dawn’. This scrub is gentle yet exfoliating and really cleanses my skin. I prefer to use this as a step in my night-time routine, and I normally apply a small amount in my hands and mix with water before putting it straight on my face. It is soap-free and oil-free and depending where you buy it from, the scrub is between £2- £5.

Now this is a little weird… but still skincare related. I recently tried using larger cotton pads, for example the oval or square ones and I have been really enjoying them. It’s a bit of an odd thing to add to my spring favourites but it makes removing makeup and cleansing my skin so much easier. These Tesco ones aren’t quite as good as the Johnson ones I tried, but they’re similar. I prefer the larger pads as you only need one and it dissolves more makeup quicker.

My top fashion favourites are these three. The first is a necklace I bought from New Look. It is somewhere between a statement and dainty necklace, and I like it because I think it’s a bit different. The necklace is made from three joined half-flowers which are a cream/ neutral colour and black. I think the necklace adds something nice to a casual look but can be dressed up to make something dressy too.

Second are a range of t-shirts from Primark. I can’t express how much I am obsessed with these damn things. I have been wearing them non-stop, for everyday wear with jeans, for pjs or for just hanging about the house. The tops are so, so soft and comfy and are an unbelievable £1.80 each. They come in loads of colours but I’ve picked mostly neutral/ monochrome shades like grey, black and a muted blue.

Next are the jeans I spoke about in this haul and I feel I’m talking about them loads- but I have been wearing them loads. These jeans have made me feel confident in trousers and have transformed my spring outfits- and the silly thing is I didn’t have to pay crazy prices for them either!

My last favourite of spring is the new look of my blog. I always loved how mydaisychaincloset looked but it needed improvements, less pink and a more put-together feel. I am still making slight changes to things in the sidebar etc., but I am enjoying this new monochrome and mint combination. If you have any blog layout advice then I’m all ears!

So that’s all. Spring is really going well at the moment for me and the weather is beginning to turn nice… meaning summer is on its way! I have had a great few months and have had lots of lovely memories with family and friends so far in 2015. I can’t quite believe we are on the last month before hitting the half-a-year mark (CRAZY I KNOW) but that’s a different matter. I hope everyone is well and has a superb week, 

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  1. Lovee this post! such cute favorites and I have soo many TV recommendations if ya want some! haha xoxox

    1. Thanks, I would love some!! xx

    2. No worries and cool! Comedy or drama shows? I have a lot for either hahaha xx

    3. No worries and cool! Comedy or drama shows? I have a lot for either hahaha xx