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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Haul - Spring Summer 15

So I’m going on holiday soon and so over the last few weeks, and months, I’ve been buying lots of new bits and bobs. I know it’s oh but only march but a lot of these items are summery as I’m going off to the Caribbean! All this stuff, apart from the odd thing, should still be in the shops, so I hope you enjoy seeing my recent buys.

A few weeks ago, I was shopping and I splurged a bit on a new makeup brush. I love Real Techniques as a brand and when I finally got round to buying this, it was a complete treat. This powder brush is so soft and it is the perfect size for the product that’s being applied. Makeup brushes are often a little pricey, this one was £12.99, but I think over time they become worth it.

Staying on the theme of makeup, I had to stock up on one of my favourite makeup essentials- my Supercat Soap&Glory eyeliner. I love this pen liner as I can be accurate with it and it is so easy to apply. I always go for the shade ‘carbon black’ and at £6- I can’t stop loving this. 

As seen in my wish list earlier this month (there are quite a few of those items popping up in this haul), I have been on the lookout for Fleur De Force’s new book: The Glam Guide. This book is all about beauty and fashion and I can’t wait to start reading this- I think I’ll be cracking it out on the plane.

Then another item I picked up was this simple blackscrunchie from New Look. I’ve worn it a few times already and I’m not 100%, but I think this will come in handy when I’m wearing my hair in a ponytail or bun.

Now or clothes. I picked up this first top a while ago and I can’t wait to wear it. This H&M crop top has washed out stripes and I think it will look so effective with a black skirt and a bright lipstick.

The next top I got is from New Look and is a rosy pink ribbed top. This top isn’t cropped buy it’s not quite full length, and I plan to wear it with some denim shorts or a skirt. It’s a great value top at £7.99 so if you’re tempted- I say go for it!

I think a theme of grey and stripes is beginning to show, clearly established in this grey striped vest top from Primark. This top was only about £1.50 and I think will be a great simple piece to wear in the summer months.

Next is a cami top that I am loving so much. This lovely lace New Look cami is so summery and I just think it looks so nice with jeans. The top is covered in the front and the back is transparent and lace. There are also a few colours in the range including a peach shade and black.

Following the tops are a pair of denim jeans. I’ve had jeggings before but I’ve never really owned my own jeans. In the past, I’ve felt really uncomfortable with how I look in jeans and trousers so I’ve been put off buying any. However these I love. This pair of denim skinny jeans are basic darkwash ones but they fit so well. They are the perfect length and shape for me and when I bought them on sale for 50% off- well it was a total steal. These jeans are comfy and make me feel good, what more could I want. I expect these jeans will become a basic in my wardrobe and I’m sure will be one of the best £11 I’ve ever spent.

My penultimate item is a hair accessory from Primark. I’m a HUGE lover of flowers and floral crowns and when I saw this headband in Primark, I knew it was coming home with me. This gold and pink metal crown was £4, so not the greatest bargain of all time, but I think it will look so pretty this summer.

The last item is one of my most exciting purchases. Thesegorgeous light wash shorts are my new obsession. They’re a pair of acid wash hot-pant New Look shorts with cut out detailing on the trim. The scallop hem just adds to the absolute amazing-ness of these shorts and my enthusiasm to wear them is overflowing. They were not the cheapest buy at £22.99 but I simply couldn’t resist!

So that is my haul. As you can see I’ve been shopping around at a lot of different shops over the space of a few months but I’m loving every item in my new collection. What have you been buying lately? Are you excited for the spring/ summer season? I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and have an amazing day,

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  1. Wow! Great purchase :) I'm so sad though that my country doesn't have Primark, because it's one of the best shops ever!

    1. Primark has its ups and downs, but when you search through you can often find some amazing bargains! Lydia Eve xx

  2. Do you like Fleur's book? I'm cautious as loads of youtubers have written them. Could you review it!?

  3. Loveee this post! such cute buys! andd I'm sure you'll look gorgeous in all of them gurl xoxox