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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

What I Have For Breakfast

Hey everyone. So today I thought I’d chat about something a little different. Apart from the occasional food favourite, I don’t really share much of what I eat here on my blog. However, as we are in the back to school season and my food has become a bit more regular- I thought I’d do a school what I eat for breakfast post. Here are four of my favourite breakfasts that are perfect for school, that are quick and easy and reasonable healthy!

The first breakfast is my favourite. I love having fruit for my breakfast. I just think it gives me a lot of energy and is so yummy in the mornings. My favourite combination of fruits at the moment is a banana (or half if it’s too big), a handful of blueberries and a couple of raspberries. Then, I like to put some granola on the side. My top granola to put with fruit is my Dorset Cereals Simply Oat granola- but any plain-ish granola will do. And that’s it. So simply and quick, but also it is full of fruit and granola oats to keep you going!

Second, is a well-loved breaky- especially in the winter time. Porridge, for me, is a delicious warm breakfast, perfect for cooler days. I used to hate the stuff, but now I love it and have found the right combination of milk to oat ratio that means I really look forward to eating it. I use Quaker Oats and add hot milk, and for a sweetness I use a sprinkling of sugar. Then I top it all off with a few Sultanas/ raisins, but you could try out whatever you want. For me, I find berries a little too sharp with porridge but get creative. Porridge keeps me going until lunch and it is really tasty.

Third is probably the healthiest of my breakfast choices. About a year ago, my mum and I really got into having yogurt and dried fruit for breakfast. I get bored quite easily, hence why I have quite a few breakfast options now, so I gave it a break for a while. However, now I love it again. Mum and I obsess over the Waitrose organic apricots- they are unlike any other apricot in the world. I love to have a few of these, a dollop of natural yogurt and a few walnuts for my breakfast. It all tastes so good together and is a reasonable good-for-me start to my day.

Last is another granola. I kinda have an addiction to granola, I’d eat is breakfast, lunch and dinner, so I often find myself opting for it. Moreover, I don’t generally like cereal, so if I fancy a quite cereal-like option, then OI am most likely to opt for granola. My latest love is this Lidl Granola. It’s really cheap and I like a little and just add milk. It’s just a really oaty granola with raisins and a few nuts, but for some reason I find it so so delicious.

So that’s them. These are normally my weekday’s breakfasts, sometimes I go for toast and something a bit different on my weekends, but they are pretty much my option every day. This morning I had porridge, but tomorrow I think I’ll go for granola a berries. What are your favourite school berries? I’d love to know in the comments. Have a fabby day, much love, 
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