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Thursday, 18 February 2016

My Travel Diary: Seeing Les Mis In London and Meeting Carrie!

Hey everyone. So last Saturday was one of the best days ever, a great adventure and an inspiring experience. I also travelled down to London and thought I’d share my day with you. Last week, I went to see Carrie Hope Fletcher in Les Miserable at the Queens Theatre London.

For years, I have watched Carrie’s videos and have wanted to see her in Les Mis (one of my favourite musicals) for so long, but I never thought it would happen. London is so far away, hours of travelling and I guess I just ruled it out. So when my sister got me tickets for my sixteenth, I flipped! I was so so excited! When Carrie announced she was leaving, a little part of me was gutted. The show would still be amazing, just incomplete. My sister had booked the tickets nonetheless but then we found out- we had tickets for the matinee of her last day at Les Mis!

We began the day early, with a long coach ride from Bristol to London. It was long and, after the first hour, tedious but butterflies filled my tummy. I couldn’t wait.

When we got to London Victoria, we went on the tube to Piccadilly. It was slightly daunting, I’ve been to London lots before but always with parent. Trusting myself, my eighteen year old sister and one of our friends to get around was difficult at first, but we did found.

We walked down to the Queen’s Theatre in the morning and walked around the area, near China Town. We found out where stage door was, so we could be prepared for going there after the show, and then ended up having a naughty lunch in Mac Donalds.

The matinee began at half two, but we were there to be let in at 2pm. We had great seats, right at the front in the upper circle. Although we were high up, we had such a good view and I feel we got a great scene of the stage and could properly see the set and the orchestra!

So the show was INCREDIBLE. It was honestly the best show that I’ve ever seen. I love Les Mis anyway but the standard was amazing. From start to end I was hooked, beaming from ear to ear. The singers were all outstanding, with costumes, lighting and scenery showing them off so well! I was really inspired by the whole set and the way the show was set up! I found it really interesting how they used lighting and a revolving circle on the stage to show the story! Furthermore, some items of set, like the barricades was just fantastic.

All the singers were so good, but seeing Carrie was the best! She sang so well and I was honestly overwhelmed to be seeing her. At the end of the show and in the interval, we just stood there without words. It was so breath-taking and we couldn’t quite believe how good it had been.

At the end of the show, there was a standing ovation and we clapped so much! However, when the cast disappeared, my sister, our friend and I were quick to get to stage door. We got there and the crowd was small, we stood at the barrier and hoped that Carrie would come out. And then she did.

My heart was beating like a drum, I’d never been so excited. She chatted with us and gave us all hugs, signed our books and took signatures. She is so good with her fans and we gave her a card and a Happy Last Show Day gift. Overwhelmed, we moved away so that others could meet her too. We were just about to leave when we spotted Pete and made she we also got a hug and photo before we went!
In the evening, we ended up nice and early at the coach station so we were ready. I honestly had such a good day, and was so inspired to have seen and MET Carrie. She’s always been a role-model for me and one of my favourite Youtubers, so it was lovely to meet her. London, although cold, was also amazing and it was fun to go without needing parents right by our sides.

What have you been up to lately? Have you ever met a role model? I’d love to know in the comments, see you all soon. Much love,
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