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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

My Trip To Plymouth and What I Wore There...

Hey everyone. I’m sitting here writing away after a wonderful weekend in Plymouth. I thought I’d share some photos and thoughts from my time there and also a few outfit photos from day 2!

So I went down to Plymouth with my family as my sister was picking up her keys to her uni halls. As none of us had really spent much- if any- time there, we thought we’d make a weekend of it. As we were doing a lot of moving boxes and settling in, I didn’t take many photos on the first day- apart from this cute one of the harbour as the sun was setting.

So for breakfast, we decided to treat ourselves and go out. I love having a bit of a posh breakfast and was pleased by these yummy pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. We went to the Boston Tea Party, which I think has restaurants all over the UK. I’d really recommend it- the food was fab and the whole feel of the place was lovely.

For the day, we went to a food market at the Royal William Yard. It was a tad busy as people wondered in and out of stalls and sat watching acts on the green, but the atmosphere was great. There was even a man blowing bubbles! The weather was on our side and it was nice and sunny all day.

The food market was brimmed full of appealing smells and homemade goods. There were ice cream vans adorned with bunting and stands selling everything from cheeses to an assortment of flapjacks! After a big breakfast, I couldn’t manage another meal but did pick up a delicious salted caramel brownie from one stall…

Having never visited the Royal William Yard before, I couldn’t believe how pretty it all was. The buildings and architecture was so interesting and the green was decorated with bright bold flowers.

On this day I was wearing one of my favourite summer outfits. As autumn is nearing closer, I am grasping every chance to put this playsuit on. I spoke about it a lot in this post and it has now become my easiest and most-reworn summer look. My hairs a little crazy in these photos, I’m not sure if a top knot was the greatest idea but it kept it out my face for the day I guess! I also matched the outfit with my new bag which you will all be seeing a lot for autumn. It was a bargain buy from Primark and is covered with this beautiful emboss pattern.

A little shout out to my sister, Hollie, for taking these outfit photos for me. She actually has a Youtube channel and I’d love it if you could all check her out if you could. She relatively new to the whole thing but makes really cute videos. Her channel is mainly lifestyle, with book reviews, blogs and general rambling thoughts.

The day in Plymouth ended with a walk to the harbour in Royal William Yard where a tightrope walker did an act over the water. It was a little scary but he was amazing- he even did a headstand!

I had a great time in Plymouth and can’t wait to visit again. As my sister starts uni there this month, I expect there will be a trip or two down there for me in the year to come. I hope you liked this post, I really enjoyed writing it and gathering my photos from the weekend. What have you been up to this week? I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday, much love, 
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