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Friday, 11 September 2015

Girl Online - Book Review

Hey everyone. So Girl Online- a controversial yet adored book written by famous Youtuber Zoe Sugg aka Zoella. Here are my thoughts and feelings about this teen novel, and I hope you enjoy reading them.

I got given this from my parents as one of my Christmas presents last year. Like many of Zoe’s subscribers, I was excited to see it in the shop and eager to read her work. However, later in that month and the following ones came the controversy about the authenticity of Zoe’s book, Girl Online, and the fact that she seemingly hide the ghost-writer from her audience.

To be honest, hearing the news about the ghost-writer did put me off. I felt a little like I’d been ripped off, believing the book was something that it was not. However, I know see it differently. Hundreds of celebrities have books and they too are mostly ghost-written. But people don’t have such a problem with this somehow. Zoe isn’t a writer, she’s a beauty blogger. Expecting her to write an award winning fiction novel without experience would be stupid. Yes she has a blog, but it’s a completely alternative side to writing a fiction story. It was a dream of Zoe’s to do this, and she did. She was obviously still involved hugely- probably to the most she could without actually writing it- so maybe people shouldn’t have made such a fuss. I do think Zoe should’ve shared the fact that a ghost-writer was involved, but it was her choice not to. Look at it this way, Tanya Burr has a line of cosmetics that she has been working so hard on. Yet, she has obviously needed help to get it to where it is. Tanya may have picked the names, products and shades but she didn’t go into a lab and make each one all by herself.

Anyway, I’m going to try and review this book regardless to its controversy or author. In the end of the day it’s a book, so I’ll give it a fair trial.

The first thing I would say is this book is clearly targeted at young teens. I am fifteen, soon to be sixteen, and I still felt that this story was intended for under my age group. That’s fine, obviously, so I didn’t love the book like a younger person might, but I did still like it a bit.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the book from start to finish if I’m truly honest. I thought the plot touched on some interesting ideas- I liked how they wrote about dealing with anxiety and how it wrote in the life of a blogger, but a lot of the plot was silly and out-of-this-world-ish.

I won’t spoil the story but it is a romance that is completely ridiculous and the chances of it actually happening are so slight that I could barely relate to the characters. I did find it cheesy and it was a little like watching a Disney channel program- but I guess that is suited to the age it was targeted to.
However this wasn’t my biggest problem. I am a huge lover of description authors, I like to have a lot of words so that I get a better feeling for the character and what’s happening. Girl Online was written very matter-of-factly. There was some description, for example around the season or whatnot, but it just lacked something. When Penny, the main character, had something happen to her, it seemed quite blunt to me- which didn’t make me want to read on much.

But I’ve finished it, and although the plot was sickly sweet, I did like the fact I felt like a young girl again. It was nice to have a happy ending and for everything to seem so perfect- but it’s also fair to say that it’s not my favourite novel and not one I’d read again.

Everyone likes different things, so if you fancy reading a teen romance that discusses friendship, school life, living with anxiety, blogging and a lot more- especially if you are 10-13ish, then I’d say give it ago and let me know what you though!

Thanks for reading this review, I got quite a few books read over the summer so I’m sorry if they’re all packed a little close together. I do love reading and it’s an important part of my personality, so I hope you so enjoy the reviews too! Much love,
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