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Friday, 25 September 2015

My Birthday Outfit On My Sixteenth

Hey everyone. So today I thought I’d chat to you all about my birthday outfit in a rather casual fashion post.

So for my birthday, I really struggled with finding a new outfit to wear. I didn’t know what I really wanted and the few ideas I did have I couldn’t actually find in the shops. However, in the end I found this semi-casual-formal outfit which I LOVE. It was comfy to wear and still had a cute girly touch.

The first thing I looked for was a new pair of jeans. Since really discovering jeans in March, I have worn my New Look jeans to death, and fancied having another pair to style. Although my New Look ones have been amazing, I decided that I wanted to try some different ones, and ended up getting a pair from Miss Selfridge. The Sofia jeans are a lovely pair of jeans that come in a variety of sizes and colours. They’re stretchy, comfortable and flattering. Moreover, when I picked these up there was a student 20% off so ended up with a bargain, getting them for only £28! I can’t wait to style these over autumn winter and see how well they last!

Not going to lie, finding a top to wear was a hard task. I had one of those shopping trips when I was constantly in the changing room and hopelessly returning empty handed in each shop. However, in the end it was New Look that saved me with this pretty petite layered cami top. My best friend actually has this top as well, so I guess the purchase was inspired by her! It fits nicely and has a really unique strap detail. I never really suit camis, but I find this one managed to fit nicely and still be flowing. I think this top is going to get SO SO much wear this season as the colour is on trend and it will work with so many of my more cooler outfits.

The final part of my outfit were my new white converse. I am so excited to have these! Given to me as a post-exam/ hard work pressies, and after a lot of hinting, I got these from my parents and decided my birthday would be a special occasion for their first wear. Apart from having to be extra cautious in mud/ dreary weather, I love these and they are so much more comfortable and well-made then my Peacocks copies.

So that was my look for my sixteenth. I liked how it was so versatile and made me feel happy and confident throughout the day. I love this look together and think it will be a regular autumn outfit. Thanks for reading, I hope you have a fab day,   
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