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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Travel Beauty Bag: Camping Edition

Hey everyone. Summer brings the time of travel and escapes, and this year my summer trip is a camping excursion. It’s true that camping isn’t the glamorous holiday we may all dream of but I always have a great time, come rain or shine! I feel like ‘travel makeup bag’ posts are often unvaried and targeted at beach breaks, so today I thought I’d share what is in my travel beauty bag- the camping edit!

For this trip, I was short on packing space, so needed to pack light. I had to make sure everything I brought was essential and everything fit into a small space. This meant travel sized bottles and limited lip options, and also packing everything so it tightly fit into this makeup bag. It was a squeeze but I did get all of this into my white lace Primark boxy makeup bag.

I won’t talk you through all the makeup products I’m taking, as it is mostly the same as my everyday makeup I talked about in this post, but there are some special features. Highlights include the summery choice of my Honey Bronzer from the Body Shop, if I want to warm up my cheeks and my new nude lippy in the shade ‘Charleston’ from Deluxe. I’ve got enough products to cover a handful of day and night looks, but not so much that it will weigh down my bag! When I’m camping, I don’t always wear makeup but if I’m going out for dinner with the family, I like to pop a little on. I also brought my Sleek eyeshadow palette as not only is it a great varied palette but has a large mirror in it! I find that, when camping, I either pack a product with a mirror or a travel one, as you never know what the facilities will be like on your campsite! 

As I was cutting down, getting the right amount of tools was tuff. However I think I’ve got it sorted. For makeup, I’m taking my Real Techniques eyeshadow, powder brush, contour brush and also a spooley and egg makeup sponge. Other bits and bobs include some large cotton pads and a razor.

Some camping trips can result to wiping your body down with a wet wipe, but when I go away there are normally enough facilities to survive pretty well! A tip for travelling is to buy some mini sized bottles to decant your products into. Mini sizes offered by brands are often a rip off, whereas these bottles can reused over and over! However I did put in a Sure deodorant as it’s meant to compress the same amount as a full size. I even got a little crafty and printed labels onto label paper so I can stay organised. I took with my Frizzease shampoo, conditioner and serum for haircare and then a moisturiser, scrub and two cleansers. It may seem like a lot of skincare but I often like to feel clean and take a couple of minutes every night for a pamper!

So that’s my lot. I was quite chuffed with myself that I fit it all in, although there was no room for then to wiggle around! What are your favourite travel essentials? Also, are there any other edits that you’d like to see in the future? For now, I hope you have a wonderful week, much love, 
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