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Friday, 7 August 2015

Five Things I Love About Blogging

Hey everyone. After reading Chloe’s blog post about her favourite blogging benefits, I was inspired to make my own version- so here it is, my top five things I love about blogging. Chloe is the writer of the blog Chloe Paigee, which is one of my favourite current blogs. She writes about lifestyle, fashion and lifestyle and I always enjoy reading her interesting thoughts. I would really recommend that you go and check out her blog- this isn’t sponsored, I just think you’ll all love it!

#1           Getting creative. If I had to describe myself in only a handful of words, I’m sure one would be about my creativity. I love throwing myself into a new project or piece of work, so blogging is such a great outlet for me. Each blog post offers a new chance to get inspired and think up a new way to add my own twist. I love coming up with post ideas, taking photos and tapping away at the keys on my laptop- it not only satisfies my creative flare, it extends it.

#2           Accomplishment. I often find in day to day life that I look to my achievements to value myself. Blogging gives me a chance to achieve new things and feel proud of what I’ve done. Since starting blogging, I’ve improved so much and also ticked off many things on my blogging bucket list. Unless you write a blog, you may not get this- but when you write a blog post that you’re really proud of- for whatever reason- there isn’t a better feeling.

#3           Expressing passion. Like everyone, there are lots of things I am really passionate about. A cluster of them include my love for fashion, makeup and writing- and blogging combines many of these.

#4           Feeling involved. I have been reading blogs and watching Youtube videos for a while now, and I quickly gained a liking for fashion and beauty videos. I enjoyed watching videos a lot and often invisaged myself doing something similar. However, I knew I didn’t want to make videos- but blogging, that was a whole different matter. The blogging community is huge, and as a blogger you will soon get to know other bloggers, colab and possibly meet. It’s great to feel involved in such a large and varied community, and I love to meet and chat to people who understand what it’s like to be a blogger. If you’re a blogger and fancy reaching out, leave a comment!

#5           Confidence. You’d think being a blogger and ‘putting yourself out there’ would make you self-conscious, and, don’t get me wrong, it does at times but overall I think its improved how confident I feel. Blogging encourages me to try new things, and especially in fashion posts, inspires me to maybe try that dress or top that otherwise I wouldn’t have. As I began blogging when I was 14, my blog has also seen me grow as I go through my teenage years and I really think this is seen in what I write. When you feel confident, you feel you can take on the world- and I guess blogging lets me do that one post at a time!

So there’s my top five. If you are considering blogging or vlogging, I hope this has encouraged you but really there are so many advantages. Blogging is a lifestyle change but if you’re deliberating, I say go for it- I didn’t regret it. It’s hard at first but with a little commitment, it soon pays off. I hope 
you’ve enjoyed this post and please check out Chloe’s version here! Thanks, much love, 

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