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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Pretty Playsuit I'll Wear All Summer Long...

Hey everyone. I have been loving summer so much at the moment. I never used to be a huge fan of the months- it always seemed to be filled with sunburn, overheating and self-conscious outfits. However this year I’ve embraced it. I’ve been filling my holiday with trips and days out with friends and family, and the British weather hasn’t been all that bad either! I have also been feeling more comfortable in summery outfits. Yes there is more skin showing and I can’t hide in cardigans and jackets- but I’ve found some cracking new outfits I’m obsessed with! For this look, I combined my new playsuit and some simple accessories for a cool fun look.

If you’ve read my recent haul, you would know that I bought a new playsuit. I wasn’t 100% sure when I got it, but ever since I’ve loved it! The playsuit I got is from Cameo Rose at New Look and was £19.99. It’s a really nice comfortable fabric (although it reminds me a little of a crape paper texture) and is cool to where in this warmer weather. It has a black and floral pattern- surprise, surprise- and is mostly monochrome with accents of light pink and yellow. It also has an adorable pom pom trim, which I think gives the look a festival vibe too. It’s loose but fits in all the right places; it’s flattering without needing to be tight or constricting.

To finish the look, I added my fake white converse and a pair of aviator-style sunglasses. If it was a cooler day, I think matching it with a big denim jacket looks cool and then you can throw on a bag and you’re ready to go!

Playsuit- New Look
Sunglasses- New Look
Denim Jacket- n/a
White Converse- old
Bag- Primark
Nails- Rimmel Rita Ora polish in the shade Peachella 

So that’s my latest outfit. I have been wearing this look a lot, as it’s suitable for so many different occasions. I’ve worn it to a fair, shopping… it’s just too practical and pretty! What outfits have you been loving? I hope you too have a great summery day, much love, 

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