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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Some Bad News And My Travel Diary: Bridport

Hey everyone. So there’s good news and bad. Let’s start with the less optimistic information I’ve been coping with for the last week or so. I was happily going along, writing the post of my summer favourites when my laptop died. Out of nowhere, my laptop (or its battery) has gone and I now have lost about three posts- which sucks. I am also having to use the family computer now, which I have far less access too. I’m really annoyed because I had so many planned posts but at the moment, it’s just not happening. So please bear with me. I’ll work hard to post when I can but my schedule will pretty much go out the window for the next week- I’m really sorry.

So on the other hand- there is a post for today. As you’ll know if you read my travel beauty bag post: camping edition, I’ve been on a camping holiday with my family. I thought it was time for another old classic, a ‘my travel diary’ and I’ll chat to you about where we went: Bridport.

So this year, we decided to go to Dorset. I didn’t really look into it, and was pleasantly surprised by how pretty the place was. We stayed near the coast and the campsite had breath-taking sea views. Similar to the iconic ‘white cliffs of Dover’, the Bridport area also has pretty chalk cliffs overlooking the sea.

We were also lucky enough to take Bella, my auntie's dog with us. She was really good and it was so much fun having a fury friend with us!

Although the weather we got wasn’t too great, we had a great time. Bridport itself has a small cute town, draped in coloured bunting and filled with the hustle and bustle of little local shops. In the week, we also took a trip to its well-known harbour, recognised for the cliff in which Broadchurch was filmed. At the harbour, one of our favourite places was a little place called ‘Molly’s Den’. It was a gorgeous antique shop, which also had huts selling food and drink. Along with old vintage goods, the den had some really lovely local brands of homemade gifts- which I loved.

On one day, the family and I also went to the Lulworth Cove area. I’m not too into geography myself, but I’ve heard this area is of significance. We also visited Durdle Door- a famous eroded rock- which was stunning (although it was a bit of a hilly walk).

We also took a day tip to Weymouth, a seaside town. It was overcast that day, so I’m not sure how well my photos got across the area. The seaside was lovely but my favourite part was the weaving streets, brimmed with bakeries and shops to go in. Again, this town was cloaked in the pretty flags of bunting.

One of the prettiest things was the sunset one night, last photo. There is honestly no photo editing on that. The colours shone from the sky, only enhanced by the reflections from the sea- it was honestly so amazing. 

Overall we had a wonderful time. It was nice having a few days away- even if the weather wasn’t on our side- and the location was stunning. Our campsite was called Highland’s End, and I would really recommend it (not sponsored, don’t worry).

For now that’s all. I’m sorry about the computer issues and I hope to be writing a new blog post soon. Have you been away? I’d love to know where in the comments. Have a sunshine-filled week, much love,  
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