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Friday, 28 August 2015

We All Looked Up - Book Review

Hey everyone. As my computer is still failing me, posts are coming when I can get them to you. However, today I have a post- a book review of 'We All Looked Up' by Tommy Wallach. So I LOVED this book, plain-and-simply I couldn't put it down. And when reading a book, what more can you want?

I came across this amazing novel whilst scrolling through Amazon- in desperate need of some new reading material. I clicked on it and read the blurb and whatnot but I didn't end up actually buying it. Then a few days later I found it in Waterstones. I picked it up again and decided that yes- this was going to be a book for me!

Sadly, I consumed this book quite quickly. Along with it being the holidays and a family camping trip also, I had so much reading time that I couldn't resist it. This book is filled with twists and cliffhangers seem to conclude every chapter. The plot is addictive and the characters leave you so interested.

The basic storyline is this (hopefully not too many spoilers, it's as telling as the blurb would be)- it's set in the modern day only a meteor hits the planet. The human race are told they have a 33.3% chance of survival and as a news like that would, it changes people. We see events plan out through four teenagers. However these teens are completely different. We discover more about their connections and past as the novel develops, and I really liked how you saw the meteor effect them in their different ways. Although we dont currently have a meteor on plan for the world, I found this book really relatable and the choice of four characters probably means that many people will.

Tommy Wallach has now also become one of my top authors. This book was only released recently and it is apparent by the modern references and outlook to a lot the characters face. When reading this, I enjoyed the fresh approach he seems to have and I found he had the right balance of description and plot line.

Oh, and-no spoilers- but that ending. That's what I can a great finale.

If you need to read something new, maybe a little bit different(trust me, this isnt my normal plot of choice) then I'd say for you to give this a try. I think it's most appropriate for later teens, maybe 15-18, but I think everyone would like this. I am also over the moon to hear that Wallach's second novel comes out next year- one for the wishlist I think!

 I hope you've enjoyed this review and I hope you all have a great day,
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