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Sunday, 2 August 2015

All I Know Now - Book Review

Hey everyone. I was excited to read ‘All I Know Now’ by Carrie hope Fletcher and it did not let down. This book was heartfelt and promoted advice about growing up, being yourself and getting over problems in your life, like bullying and breakups. This novel is very much a feel-good book and also gave an insight into the life of Youtuber Carrie from Itswaypastmybedtime.

Carrie has always been one of my favourite Youtubers. Her positive attitude and kind personality that is shown in her videos has always made her really seem like an ‘honouree big sister’. I know that she has many sides, and is no way perfect, but she does seem to be the kind of person that promotes good messages to teenagers and adults via social media. Carrie is also shown to be extremely hardworking, dedicated to her career and also her hobbies. I was looking forward to reading this book because I knew that her commitment would produce a worth-reading book.

Carrie talks a lot in her book about the fact that ‘All I Know Now’ is targeted at teens and young adults as a guide to growing up. It’s filled with chapters dedicated to subjects from your first day of school to Twitter. Some parts are completed with past personal stories of hers, others contain her ideas and thoughts on something. In the book, Carrie is not nervous to talk about ‘taboo’ subjects and is honest about her own mistakes too.

I think ‘All I Know Now’ is a good guide for teenagers as it promotes the idea that no one is perfect, that Carrie too has made mistakes and faced problems. Often, Youtubers and people in the public eye, can be construed as faultless personalities, untouched by issues that face us everyday people. Carrie talks about how this is not the case. In the book, Carrie discusses her experiences with bullying, bad relationships and her struggles with being ‘famous’, reifying how no one can live a life where nothing negative affects them.

The only thing I was less keen on in this book was that it did have moments when it felt a bit preachy and repetitive. Though I think this is just part of it being a self-help type of book. It target audience is also clearly set at teens, especially younger teens that are facing the Teen Age (as Carrie names it).

Overall though, ‘All I Know Now’ was an enjoyable read. It was light and easy to pick up and put down where and when it was convenient. I feel like I’ve learnt a bit more about Carrie and gained a better understanding about her life. As she is one of my favourite Youtubers, I enjoyed finding out a little bit more and I also found her advice interesting and informative.

For now, that is my July book review. I have really been enjoying reading this month, as I have much more free time for it in the holidays, so can’t wait to read the next book in my line of must-reads! What’s your favourite book? I’d love to know, much love,

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